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May 25, 2005

Tayshaun Prince


Q. Talk about you guys coming up short but still right in the game all the way till the end.

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Yeah, we started off slow. We got in foul trouble early. We knew how tough this was going to be obviously getting the first game. You know, no matter what we did wrong in the first half, in the third quarter we still ended up getting even in the start of the fourth. Obviously Wade took over the game. But we didn't really execute well defensively as far as the pick-and-rolls and things like that. Wade took advantage of it.

Q. What was Wade doing differently tonight that you guys were able to have a lock-down on Monday?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Game 1 he didn't make shots and Game 2 he did. But the thing about it is when you get a couple lay-ups like he did in the first quarter, that gets your game going right away. First quarter he played smart, got a couple of lay-ups, Shaq got a couple of dunks and that got his rhythm going. Obviously a guy like that, when he's got the ball in his hand, your rhythm just clicks so quick, and definitely that was the case.

Q. How hard was it for you to sit the whole second quarter when you're seeing they're getting behind and you've got the two fouls and you don't want to pick up other fouls? If it was up to you would that be the way you played the game?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: I'm not a coach, I don't make the decisions. Obviously if you're a player you want to be back in the game no matter what. I felt I could have got back in and put Chauncey or somebody else on Wade so I wouldn't pick up the third. No matter how bad we played in that second quarter we still managed to keep it close, and then he did things in order to get back into the game. We got some open shots and hit some big 3s for a stretch. It was a tough decision to make especially when you've got Rasheed with two fouls, as well. You know, it's a tough decision to make, but we still had our opportunities.

Q. It seemed like tonight as opposed to Game 1 that Dwyane ran off a lot more screens and it seemed like he had the ball in his hands a lot more instead of the point guard. Is that accurate, and if so, what difference did that make?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Oh, definitely. Obviously Game 1 Shaq had it going early so they got him involved, and obviously today Wade had it going, so he pretty much had the ball in his hands for a whole, and obviously it was tough to stay in front of him. But like I said, it's tough to stay in front of a guy and obviously we have got to make some adjustments, but definitely it was his night.

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