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May 25, 2005

Richard Hamilton

Ben Wallace

Rasheed Wallace


Q. What was the effect of him putting Wade at the top of the key tonight with the ball?

RASHEED WALLACE: I mean, they made some adjustments, they did what a good team is supposed to do, made some adjustments on the first game, and they played a good game tonight. Can't take nothing away from them.

Q. How did you guys feel despite everything that happened being in the same position you were in Game 1 with a shot to win at the end?

RASHEED WALLACE: We were kicking ourselves in the ass. You know, it was basically our fault, we just missing shots down the stretch and they made some shots. Can't take nothing away from that.

Q. What did you see as the difference there in the second quarter? It seems like guys were turning the ball over and couldn't get the ball to the basket?

RASHEED WALLACE: That's what it was, just what you said. We had a couple turnovers, and those are things that we've got to cut down on. I think we had turned the ball over maybe 15, 16, 17 times for a game. We've just got to cut down on it. That was our Achilles heel tonight.

Q. Even though you didn't shoot the ball well for two and a half quarters, you still had a chance to win this thing?

CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Yeah, that was probably the worst half that we've played, first half, in a long time. I know it was probably the worst half I've played all season. We just didn't give ourselves a great chance. But with all that that happened, we still got the game under control and had our chances.

Q. The fact that you leave here with a split, do you take much from that?

CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: I mean, we expected at least a split, you know what I mean, so we're not really happy with going home with a split. We felt like we should have won this game. But you've got to give them a lot of credit. Wade was unbelievable. You know, he hit his shots today. Their role players played good, too, so you've got to give those guys a lot of credit.

Q. What was the effect when they gave Dwyane the ball at the top tonight?

BEN WALLACE: You know, it wasn't really no shock. We dug a hole and had to conserve a lot of energy to climb out of it. They did a great job of moving the ball around, getting everybody involved, Dwyane Wade hit some tough shots. You know, they came away with the win, but we put the effort there in the second half to get back in the game, and we did some good stuff in the second half, but two good halves for those guys got them the win tonight.

Q. Was he more energetic than he was in Game 1?

BEN WALLACE: I think he hit a couple shots early. You know, any time you get a couple shots early, it sort of boosts your confidence a little bit. After that he was attacking the basket, and any time you get a couple lay-ups the basket gets wide for you.

Q. How are you feeling about going home now?

BEN WALLACE: Still like we've got chances. Came here and didn't do exactly what we wanted to do, but now we've got to go back to Detroit and see what we do there.

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