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October 10, 1999

Jose Offerman


Q. Can you just talk a little bit about the mood of your ballclub and do you feel like the momentum has shifted your way?

JOSE OFFERMAN: Well, everybody feel good playing today. Yesterday was a good game for everybody. We came back and win a ball game that we need to win. Today is the same way. We have to go out there and do the best we can and try to make the series even. That's the way we feel. Every single one in there feel the same way.

Q. Can you talk about what it's like to play for a manager with Jimy Williams' personality?

JOSE OFFERMAN: It's nice play for Jimy. You know, he is somebody that try to give you the opportunity, every single one that he got there. And that's good, because you don't see that in any manager; it's hard to find somebody that like to do that. He's one of those guys that likes to put everybody out there and give them a chance to play.

Q. What does it mean to get Nomar back in the line-up?

JOSE OFFERMAN: Well, to say the truth, it's nice to have Nomar in the line-up because, you know, with the person that he give it to the line-up is good for the other team. Because now they have to think about it, pitch. And it's something they were talking about yesterday when they found out he wasn't in the line-up. And today, he going to be in there, you know, they had to think another way.

Q. Just your thoughts on facing Bartolo Colon?

JOSE OFFERMAN: Well, it's hard to say that because when this guy threw 100 miles per hour, you have to get ready for that. But we have been playing real good when we face him. We hitting the ball real good. It's something that we have to keep it. Because the last time he was pitching little bit different, you know, he was moving the pitch a lot better. And we had to get used to that today. That's what we looking for.

Q. Before the seventh inning yesterday, did this team in any way doubt that it could score runs against Cleveland? Or did they lose confidence?

JOSE OFFERMAN: Not at all. The team was feeling good from the first inning. You know, we had to give credit to them. They got some good pitcher out there. Some time take time. Take more than one, two, three inning to get used to the game, and that's what it take us yesterday. But, you know, same time, we did score in the right time.

Q. Following up on Colon, he's pitching on three days' rest, how do you think that will affect him?

JOSE OFFERMAN: It's hard to say that. I haven't seen him on three days' rest. But he's a good pitcher. I sure he going to do something to win the ball game, and we have to see what -- the stuff that he going to have today. We take it from there.

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