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May 24, 2005

Eddie Jones

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. How would you compare this time around with Shaq to the previous time you were teammates?

EDDIE JONES: I just think much more mature, bottom line. Nothing that he does on the floor, but I think he's a lot wiser. Maturity comes to mind. There's more knowledge of the game, but I just think a mature guy is a guy that's pretty much set in his ways and wants to do the things he likes to do.

Q. How about your relationship with him?

EDDIE JONES: We've got a good relationship. You know, things that were said and done in the past is water under the bridge. I'm trying to win. That's all I want. I just want to win. I don't hold any grudges. When you're winning, hey, I haven't really won since I left, so when you're winning, everything is good.

Q. Is there some sense of urgency not wanting to go down 0-2?

EDDIE JONES: Sense of urgency, yeah. We know we have to win. We're down 1-0 and we're on our home court, so we've got to get a win, bottom line. We've got to win.

Q. Are they a tough team defensively, or was it one of those nights where --

EDDIE JONES: I just think Rasheed hit four 3s. That's probably what he hit in all two series put together. Ben Wallace hitting jump shots, I just think we need to be a little bit more mentally defensive on things that we're trying to do.

Q. How do you think Dwayne will come back?

EDDIE JONES: I know Dwyane is going to come back stronger than ever tomorrow night. I don't worry about him. If he doesn't have a good Game 1 night, you can guarantee that he's going to come back and have a huge night. He's that kind of player. Everybody is saying how bad he played, this and that, but to me, the game is the game, and you're not going to be great every night. But for that guy, you don't see him miss that many shots.

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