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May 23, 2005

Tayshaun Prince


Q. Miami had a long layover.

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Right. I thought it was important for us to really come out strong because we played a couple days ago, three or four days ago, and they've been out for a while now. So I think it was important for us to jump out early.

Q. Taking advantage of your height on the offensive end, was that something you wanted to do in you got some opportunities offensively?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Yeah, they were missing shots, but hey, that's a part of the game. Whatever situation we're in, I think to get a good position on that block, I think I'm going to try to make the best plays that I can. I got some up on them early. When they tied the game up, Rasheed had some big defensive plays, just great contributions.

Q. You always had somebody waiting even when Dwyane would get past the perimeter, you always seemed to have somebody waiting back there.

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: You've got to have somebody back there waiting because you've got to contain him every time he penetrates to the basket. Guys were ready to help and things like that. He never just really got a good rhythm, and then when he did have some open shots, we kind of rushed him a little bit. Like I said, I think that's because they hadn't played in a while. I think it was up to us to jump out early and try and make something happen because we played -- since they hadn't played, so that helped out, too.

Q. Talk about your defense on Dwyane Wade.

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: You know, it's tough, tried to just keep him in front of me for the most part. He's a lot quicker than me. I just tried to use my length as an advantage and make him take shots over me and try to keep my defenders as close as I possibly can. That's tough to do in pick-and-rolls. My guys behind me have been ready to help when he'd get past me and things like that, so it definitely helped.

Q. How could you tell that he was frustrated, Tayshaun?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: It was important to come out here and just establish the game because, like I said, they had a long layoff, and to come out and be aggressive. When they tied the game up at 80 we had to step up our defense and show we had a good block in the corner and a good charge and made some key plays at the end. To get home court advantage is definitely important, but at the same time, we're planning minor changes to get back in it, so it's definitely important for us to keep the same focus.

Q. Could you tell that Wade was frustrated?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: It's easy to get frustrated, but every once in a while you have a game like this, and I've had plenty of them. We know he's going to bounce back strong. We need to really just be focused on trying to keep him out of the paint once again, and when he gets to the paint have guys ready to help and don't let him get in a good rhythm.

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