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May 23, 2005

Ben Wallace


Q. How much of Shaq did you see tonight?

BEN WALLACE: About eight, nine dunks, that's pretty normal right there.

Q. Are you going to sleep well?

BEN WALLACE: Yeah, for a number of reasons.

Q. Can you give us an idea of what it's like? You get like no help in trying to guard Shaq.

BEN WALLACE: It's tough. Man, any time you've got a big guy like Shaq, you've got to fight with him down there, a guy who can pass the ball and execute, can make moves on you. He's agile and light on his feet, and he's tough, man. You get beat up down there. All I can say is it's tough. Until you've been down there, you really can't understand what you have to go through.

Q. After a while does it seem like you're bouncing off him a little bit?

BEN WALLACE: That's all the time. You know, you want to try not to get too close to him because he's going to move you around where he wants you to go, so you just try to keep a little distance between you.

Q. Rasheed was huge tonight with the charge and the rebounds and the full court, just a real special night.

BEN WALLACE: He came out with a lot of energy tonight. Sheed was fired up and ready to play, and when Sheed comes out and plays like that from the start, you know, we're the top team to beat because then we execute offense. They tried to take something away, you know, they've got to move up some. Rasheed plays like that, it motivates everybody else to play a little bit harder.

Q. Talk about setting the tone in this series and getting a win on the road right off the bat.

BEN WALLACE: You know, that's what it takes. You've got to be able to go on the road and get wins in a hostile environment. I think all the playoff teams that continue to move on are the ones that can go on the road and get wins.

Q. As much as Shaq did, like you guys dominated defensively the last five minutes of the game, what happened there? Was defense taking over at the end?

BEN WALLACE: I thought what happened is early in the game, we did a great job on the defensive end, forced them to take tough shots. They was hitting some tough shots, but what it did for us is kept us out of foul trouble. Coming into the second half we were a little more aggressive. We let it all hang out on the defensive end. Nobody was in foul trouble, so we were able to get in the passing lane, was able to step up guys, force them to catch the ball out from us a little bit.

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