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May 23, 2005

Rasheed Wallace


Q. You were being more aggressive tonight. Was that the game plan or was that just a function of the way you played?

RASHEED WALLACE: It was just the way we played, just taking what they given us. We had to do a good job with the Big Fella. I pretty much just took the shots that they gave me.

Q. What is it about what you guys do to Dwyane Wade that frustrates him so much?

RASHEED WALLACE: I'm not sure. That's probably a better question for him. We just play D. We just play D and go with our assignments.

Q. Talk about the added dimension you've had out of Ben Wallace's offense these last few games?

RASHEED WALLACE: He's looking good, looking good from the foul line. He's always a hustler and a rebounder and a shot blocker, but feed him the ball, give him some touches and let him go.

Q. When they cut it to 1 with four minutes left roughly, what was the mindset because it was difficult to shut down toward the end?

RASHEED WALLACE: Still executing. They did a good job coming back, tying it up, but we still had to execute and go out and play Pistons basketball.

Q. How could you sense in Wade that he was frustrated on the court? What could you see in the way he was playing?

RASHEED WALLACE: Me, I couldn't tell too much. He still hit some big shots, got to the hole, got his teammates involved. I couldn't see no frustration in him.

Q. Could you comment on what you saw from Shaq tonight. I think he only took three shots in the fourth quarter, made one. Did he seem like he was at full strength or close?

RASHEED WALLACE: That I'm not sure of because I'm not sure how bad that injury of his is bothering him. That I couldn't really recollect on. That's something for them to figure out in their locker room, how to get him more shots.

Q. Do you think that you guys have gotten the respect that a defending champion deserves this year?

RASHEED WALLACE: If you're just talking about just for the playoffs, no, and for all season, no. Like I said before, before game 1, we're still the underdogs. The majority of you guys have either Miami or San Antonio winning it all, but we still just go out there and play. We're just trying to prove that last year wasn't a fluke.

Q. I know Miami came in winning eight straight with their first two series. I don't think they took you lightly, but do you think they will start to take you a little bit more seriously now that they have tasted it?

RASHEED WALLACE: I don't think they took us lightly. We know they're a good ball club, just like vice versa. They know how it was during the regular season. The first three games was a war. I don't think there was any blowouts for those games during the regular season. It's a war any time you're going against that big guy.

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