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October 8, 1999

Ramon Martinez


Q. Do you find it ironic at all that so much was expected of Pedro and now it's you who is the one that's standing between you being eliminated tomorrow?

RAMON MARTINEZ: When Pedro come out on the first game, I mean we were a little bit upset, you know, kind of shocked a little that he had to come out in the fourth inning. But, I mean, we don't think -- we don't have to think about it tomorrow. Play another game and give our best shot.

Q. As well as you've pitched in the last two starts, do you feel like it will take even more against this line-up tomorrow?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, I just gonna go out there and do the same thing. I don't want to try to overdo it. I just try to get back and get a good win tomorrow.

Q. Can you talk about -- you had that outing against Buffalo, you gave up three home runs, but I think you felt that was a turning point; you felt good about yourself. Was that the turning point, or was it a different time?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, that game it doesn't count. (Laughter.) I mean that was my rehab. This is a different situation. I didn't say that I might give up any home runs tomorrow, but I hope it doesn't happen, you know. I try to do that so it won't happen.

Q. A couple of your teammates, Mike Stanley in particular, have talked about the importance of trying to get you one or two runs early in the game. Talk about how important that would be in the game tomorrow for you to pitch effectively.

RAMON MARTINEZ: What I do, I just going to try to keep that lead, you know, until we get some more or whatever score we're gonna have.

Q. What did you do effectively the last time you faced the Indians?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, that was my second outing, and I was very pleased the way that I pitched against the Indians that time. I was a little bit wild, I would say so. Not wild, but walking some guys. But I gonna try not to go through the same thing so do a little better than that.

Q. If there is a Game 5, and I know this is jumping ahead a little bit, if there is a Game 5, do you anticipate your brother will pitch that game?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Yeah, he might be there. Yeah.

Q. What kind of advice do you think Pedro will give you before tomorrow's start?

RAMON MARTINEZ: I don't think he will give me any advice. He might be a little nervous tomorrow, but we probably talk a little bit about something about it. I know since when I face it, most of the guys, I mean we probably talk a little bit about some of the batters maybe.

Q. How surprised are you in yourself that you've been able to come back and pitch effectively so quickly in a few short outings and put yourself in the position to be a starter in the playoffs?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, beginning, when I got my first game, my first game since -- my first game when I come back in a long time and then they took me out of the rotation, I was -- I wasn't thinking, I don't know, if I made it to the playoffs if there was enough chance. But they give me opportunity to pitch, and I take advantage of that, and I become better and better and feel better every time.

Q. How is your shoulder now and if things go well tomorrow, how many innings do you think you can pitch.

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, I don't know. It depends on my -- I already threw about 100 pitches, so probably 100 pitches, I can go a little bit over 100. Over 100 pitches, that might be complete game if everything goes well, so who knows.

Q. You were saying Pedro is going to be nervous tomorrow. How are you going to feel going into this game? You've worked really hard to get here.

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, I don't know yet until I'm on the mound tomorrow. So I figure that out tomorrow.

Q. Two questions. One, could you just compare your personality to Pedro, what you guys have in common and don't? And, two, he's been outspoken about the Dodgers' organization, what are your feelings about how you left things with them?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, about personality, we a little different. I mean, he -- that's all I can say, we a little different. Comment about the Dodgers, I mean it's -- I don't really want to talk about it. They are a great organization. I had a great time when I played with them. Now I'm with Red Sox.

Q. A few minutes ago you sounded pretty optimistic that your brother would probably be able to start Game 5, what makes you feel that he will be able to come back?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, the way he's been feeling the last couple days. Yesterday, he feel good. And today feel better. So that's a good sign.

Q. Can you just talk about how potent that Indians' line-up is and the kind of things you need to do to make sure the game doesn't get out of control?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, I mean, they have a great line-up. But, I mean, what I gonna do? Just go out there and try and do better. That's all we have, to beat it. So we are gonna try to do it tomorrow.

Q. Are you the same pitcher you were a few years ago with the Dodgers? Do you feel like you threw the same kind of stuff then, or have you had to make adjustments?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Yeah, I feel about the same. I might have to make some adjustment because the injury that I have in -- I not 100 percent yet, but I'm getting close. And what I have right now, I can pitch. I'm very confident that I can pitch anywhere.

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