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October 8, 1999

Esteban Loaiza

DALLAS, TEXAS: Workout Day

Q. Your team's chances of staying in the playoffs depend on you beating Roger Clemens. How do you feel about that?

ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, I want to go out there and pitch my game, and it's one of the things, that I pitched against them and as a reliever and as a starter. I beat them once. I have the opportunity to beat them again. Right now is the final decision; tomorrow is a big game, for myself, and I'm going to go out there and perform and give it my best and go out there and win.

Q. Given the way the season has kind of unfolded for you, what's your reaction to being in a situation where this team's season basically depends upon you?

ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, that's just one of the things. You know, we went to New York trying to win one game or two games. We come back here and it's just pretty tough for us. We're going to go out there and play our game as we played all season. We're capable of winning. It's a tough team. We have a good team, too, and it's one of the things that we have to go out there and hit the ball and throw strikes and get people out. That's part of the game.

Q. The way your team's offense is struggling, do you feel added pressure not to give up early runs?

ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, I just want to go out there and throw my game, put zeroes on the board. I think that's the pitcher's job, is to go out and put zeroes up on the board, let teammates score runs. That's how you win games. I just wanted to go out there and pitch my game.

Q. Earlier this year, when the team had to break a losing streak, they came back a week later and salvaged a game. Do you feel comfortable pitching in big games?

ESTEBAN LOAIZA: That's just one of the things that I pitch in Chicago, pitched eight innings scoreless. I want to go out there and perform and give it my best, go back to the same location again. I got it back, and now it's just -- the season is over, put that aside, and got to think about tomorrow, and it's a big game for myself and we're going to win.

Q. You got a chance to see Aaron pitch Game 1 then Rick Helling Game 2. Rick threw 124 pitches, 108 fast balls. Were you surprised at that, or is that kind of your game plan, too?

ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, it is a big surprise. I was doing the chart yesterday. I was watching the game. It was mostly one, one, one, all mostly fast balls and a couple breaking balls. It was just one of the things I told them, you know, did you make anything different? He said, Yeah, I just -- this team is one of the things that they always hit breaking stuff, never hit the fastball. The way I remember when I pitched against the Yankees here, when I beat, them I threw fastballs, changeup and sliders and moved the ball around. That's what I'm going to do tomorrow.

Q. Being the last one to beat the Yankees, do you have any change of plans of pitching them or the same pattern?

ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, I got a game plan, I'm just going out there and throw strikes, hitting my corners, and changing speeds and trying to get a lot of ground balls, pop flies, go on from there.

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