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October 6, 1998

David Wells


Q. When you left the game, obviously you were distressed over the fact that you didn't get the shut out.

DAVID WELLS: You know, shut out really isn't important in a game like this. It is just a matter who wins, no matter what you know, what the score is, that's what counts. I rather have the win than the shut out. But I just made a pitch that was stupid and left it right down in the middle and Manny is just -- he is such a good hitter, I mean, especially in this ballpark, I think he should play in this ballpark because he has got something to prove here every time he comes in. But you got to tip your hat to the guy, he battled me all game. I got him a couple of times and he just got me late in the game where I didn't have my complete, you know, best, but good enough and that is what it was. I was just pissed at the fact that I laid one in there and I shouldn't have.

Q. You were more mad at yourself than anything?

DAVID WELLS: Yeah. I can't get mad at anybody else. That is my fault. I threw the damn ball. That is the way it goes.

Q. What was the importance and maybe even the message of that quick start that you guys got?

DAVID WELLS: Well, the message to the fans was unbelievable because I think they, you know, they deserved that because they are just -- they are such dedicated fans and anybody, I mean, they hold grudges more than we hold grudges is what they do. To see Jaret go out in the first inning I think was very, I don't know how to say it, I don't want to say it that way. Gratifying, all right. But I think that that set the -- that is not the point -- Jaret is a young, good, solid hard nose pitcher. I think that what happened earlier this year was just something that happened, I think everybody has forgotten about it, the media hyped it all up, but I think that it was a good feeling for us because, you know, when you get five runs, four, five runs I think that is the way we have been pitching has been plenty. Knock on wood, that is not going to be how that happens all the time, but anything can happen. They are a good team and you get good pitching behind a lot of run support you have got a good chance of winning.

Q. How would you assess Posada as a catcher and your relationship?

DAVID WELLS: He has come into his own. He calls good games. He has got the feel of this level and I think. I think he had a good teacher. I think Joe Girardi has really spoken with him and really has been in his corner. They have split a lot of time and Jorge has gotten the majority of the time this year, but that is, you know, that is how those things happen. Joe understands and it is nothing to knock Joe because I think he is a superb catcher himself and to me, either or. We think a lot when we are out there. It is not going to be superb every time, but a majority of the time this year Jorge and I have been on, you know, on track. And, he calls the game for me. I usually call the game. But I feel so comfortable with him now, it is like he puts the fingers down, he knows the hitter, he has learned them, that is his job. That is what he is supposed to do, to make a pitcher feel comfortable out there. It is our game. We have got to throw it, but when you have got a catcher that knows the hitters just takes a little more pressure off the pitcher.

Q. Can you talk about the at-bat Sexson had in the second 7th?

DAVID WELLS: You know, you just got a little flat out there and I think I felt a little too good. I was just pumped up. I just got -- I don't know what happened before, but I remember that at-bat and it was something that I was just, you know, I was very eager, the fans were just really pumping me up and I crossed Jorge up that first pitch and it was something -- I saw fast ball and he put curve ball and it is something -- that is how eager I was to try to get him out. I wanted to strike him out really bad and I just tried to overthrow; made some bad pitches then calmed down and came back. The 3-2 pitch was up and I am just thankful that he swung through it because he could have -- could have went either way but he was pumped. He wanted to jack it out. A pitch up there looks very good.

Q. Can you please compare your emotions just before the first pitch tonight with the first pitch last week?

DAVID WELLS: I was geared tonight. I really wanted this because this is the situation where you win the first game, it-- it can set a tone. Not with just myself but whoever went out there to get the W can set a tone. Get that one under your belt and try to do better the next game, to be successful go out there and just try to better yourself every chance you get for the next game. Like I said, we have got a good ballclub here we have been pitching very well, getting the run support that we needed and defense tonight, my hat goes off to Derek. He made one of the best plays that I have seen in that situation and that is a Robbie Alomar play, but deeper in the hole. That is what proves Derek to be what he is. He has come into his own. I think that, you know, for that to happen, just -- it is very emotional at times when you are out there. When you see those kind of plays, it gets you so pumped up you don't know what to do, man, you are just ready to go. That first pitch and the other pitch was no comparison. This one felt a lot better and I felt a lot more confident today than I did last game.

Q. I know you really like pitching in important situations, big games. How proud are you of what you have done so far this postseason?

DAVID WELLS: I am not proud of myself. I am proud of my team. I am proud of my staff that has put us in this situation. These guys, you know, I couldn't be where I am at without this team and I think that everybody, there is no heroes on this team. We are all equal and I think that we proved it this whole year. We can't win games without runs or defense. And also pitching. So I think that for that question, this is a team effort and, you know, I think that we should all be proud of ourselves and our staff to be where we are at today.

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