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October 6, 1998

Mike Hargrove


Q. What was Jaret's problem basically?

MIKE HARGROVE: Jaret's basic problem was twofold. Everything was up in the strike zone, in the middle of the plate. And I don't care how hard you throw or how good your stuff is, if you are up in the zone, middle of the plate against big hitters especially the top hitters, of the caliber that the Yankees can send against you, you are not going to last very long.

Q. Thoughts on Wells.

MIKE HARGROVE: He was absolutely outstanding. David -- I don't know that David missed a spot all night long until there in the 9th when he got a pitch up the cord and pitch up to Manny, but Dave was absolutely outstanding. Kept the ball down, moved it around, used all his pitches, changed speeds.

Q. A lot is made of losing the first game of the series, is some of it a reflection on the pitchers that you guys are also facing?

MIKE HARGROVE: Well, I think that -- sure, I mean, usually in Game 1 they are facing the other team's number one guy. And number one people for a reason, so I would guess, yes, you know. I think it logical to say yes to that question.

Q. Are you able to bring back Jaret Wright earlier than anticipated now?

MIKE HARGROVE: I don't anticipate bringing Jaret back before Game 5.

Q. Are you angry at him? The way you call him the kid pitcher and talking about the twofold, are you angry with the way he went out there tonight?

MIKE HARGROVE: No. Not at all. Please don't assume that I am, no. I am not. No, Jaret went out there and gave us his best shot for the night. I have seen him better. But angry at him, no, not even in the remotest sense, no.

Q. Would you consider Chad for a start in Game 5, given Jaret's last two starts?

MIKE HARGROVE: I think if we get to Game 5, all bets are off, we are looking at anybody to start Game 5, 6 or 7, but we have got to get there first and yeah, I think you have to consider all those things, sure.

Q. Talk about facing the other team's number one guy. Tomorrow you go against David Cone. It is almost like you get the same person the day after. Give your thoughts on that.

MIKE HARGROVE: Most teams only have one number one. The Yankees are a little bit more blessed than others. But we have fared well before in the past against David Cone, not all the time, but I mean, going into this series, I mean, you knew it was going to be a tough road to hold just for the simple reason that the people that the Yankees could run out there at you; Wells, Petitte, Cone, those people -- it is still the same proposition. Same situation will be here tomorrow.

Q. Jaret had six days rest coming into this start. Would being off in the strike zone be a result of getting rusty?

MIKE HARGROVE: No, I don't think so. I just think he was up in the strike zone.

Q. Until the 9th inning you had generated, I guess, 3 hits and walk, the hit batsman. Would you talk about your offense and maybe what they did not do today?

MIKE HARGROVE: I said before that David Wells did not miss a spot really until the 9th inning. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we had three hits and one walk and one hit batsman coming into the inning. David was outstanding and old truism, good pitching will stop good hitting was in evidence tonight. So I don't know that it was much of a case of us not being good hitters tonight as it was the fact that David Wells was an awful fully good pitcher tonight.

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