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October 21, 1998

Scott Brosius

SAN DIEGO: Game Four

Q. Are you drenched?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Yes, I'm a little wet right now, it's a great feeling.

Q. Congratulations, one. Two, talk about Andy Pettitte tonight. I know a lot was made of his postseason, and the disappointment.

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, Andy has a history of throwing great games in big games. When we went out today we had a great feeling with him on the mound. He had a focus and he wasn't going to accept losing tonight.

Q. What does this mean to you, the winning, and your own participation in this season and the winning?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, I think it's every player's dream to get to the World Series, and feel like you've played a part of the team getting there and the team winning. So there's certainly some satisfaction in how this has worked out, but I also just feel very lucky to be in this position, how things have changed from last year, it's just an unbelievable turnaround.

Q. What are your thoughts for the Yankee fans?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, I always knew what the Yankee fans were like as a visitor, but I gained more respect with the fans here. If you could truly win a championship for a city to appreciate and enjoy, it's there in New York. And there's no better place to win it all, and I look forward to going back and going to the parade.

Q. What were you doing at this time last year?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, last year at this time I was probably at Game 7, I was watching it on TV in my living room, eating pizza for the 7th consecutive game, and enjoying the game.

Q. Scott, is there a moment that you will remember in particular from this series, might it be the home run last night?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I think just the biggest moment is that third out, throwing the ball and knowing it's going to end the game and end the season, there's nothing better than coming up and seeing the player's eyes, and that sense of achievement and

accomplishment and excitement. It was just a great scene.

Q. Scott, what do you make of all this talk of best ever, best Yankee team ever?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I think that will probably be talked about forever. The comparisons will go on and on, and maybe nobody will have a definite answer for the best team of all time. But you can look at this year and say we had the best single season of any other team, and that's a great accomplishment.

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