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October 16, 1999

Masato Yoshii


Q. It was a really exciting game tonight and this might be the stepping-stone to the miracle, "The Miracle Mets"; the step towards winning the series again. When the game was over, how did you feel?

MASATO YOSHII: The first thing I thought was -- I was in the dugout, and I thought, "I get to pitch tomorrow. There's a game tomorrow."

Q. And about that game tomorrow, you will be starting Game 5. How do you feel about it?

MASATO YOSHII: If I start talking about it, then it gets really long. Let me just leave it as "No comment."

Q. Masato, after seeing how the past two Mets pitchers have handled the line-up, Leiter and Reed, will you be taking the same type of approach to the hitters or approaching them with your own style?

MASATO YOSHII: We're already in the National League Championship Series. This is way too late in the season now to change myself. So I just have to go up there and do the best that I can do. I'll be getting together with Mike tomorrow, and we might come up with certain things, but basically the same approach as usual.

Q. Are there any special feelings -- and I hope I'm not touching on the other question -- about you being from Japan, and now having all of New York depend on you for this do-or-die game?

MASATO YOSHII: I appreciate the fact that the fans are supporting us this much. But at the same time, I'm a member of the team, the team called the New York Mets, and I'm just merely a player. When I get up there on the mound, I just have to do my best as a player. And as a consequence, if we leave with some great result and if I have success out there and if the fans appreciate us, and appreciate me for what I'm been doing, then that will be the best for me.

Q. As you said, you will be doing the best that you could, and as a reality, all the New York fans will be hoping and expecting great results from you. But if you could give us some details about how you will be doing it, what kind of a pitching pattern you will be constructing tomorrow?

MASATO YOSHII: Of course, I have a game plan for tomorrow, and the basic way of the performance that I would like to perform. However, when the game starts there are various different situations that might come into play, and I might have to rely on my instincts and things. And so at the same time, it's more of an industrial secret; so I can't really comment on that.

Q. If you can tell us about the condition of your ankle?

MASATO YOSHII: I did the 30-yard dash, the sprint, and I had no problems with it. So I'm okay.

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