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October 20, 1998

Scott Brosius

SAN DIEGO: Game Three

Q. Scott, how much have you faced Hoffman in Spring Training, and what do you know about him?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I believe the only time I faced him, and maybe I'm wrong on this, but I had one at-bat against him in the All-Star Game this year. And that's the only at-bat I remember taking against him.

Q. Last year, September, could you have ever envisioned a scenario like this?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Probably I might have envisioned it. Now, whether I realistically thought it would happen is another thing. Last year was rough. And I don't think anybody would want to go through that. But you never know. The game can humble you and turn around and that's certainly been a great turnaround for this year.

Q. Could you talk about what this evening means to you, what the emotions going through you right now to win a World Series game like this?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, it's fun. This is the type of thing that you -- as a kid you dream about. Something I've done in my backyard a hundred times. And you never know if you're going to get the opportunity to do it. And to come out and to do something to help the team win, feels real good.

Q. Were you thinking home run on the second at-bat?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Not at all. With Trevor out on the mound, when you get a closer on the mound my only thoughts were trying to pick the ball up, and just see them as good as I could and put a good swing on the ball. I hit it hard in the air on that one.

Q. A year removed from it, can you say what happened in Oakland, how did you hit .203 last year?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I think sometimes it was harder to hit .200 than it was to hit .300. But it was just a year where if anything could go wrong, it did go wrong. Everything from just at times swinging the bat just horribly, to other times swinging the bat pretty good and being unlucky, and just not feeling real healthy, either. It was one of those things that kind of snowballed, and I was never able to come out of it.

Q. Are you a student of history, and if so, how do you feel about the fact that your name goes in the big book, next to DiMaggio and Ruth and all those guys?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I'm enough of a student to know that my name doesn't really go there, it's kind of underneath there somewhere. Coming over to this team I felt real fortunate to get the opportunity to come to the Yankees, and knowing that we had a chance to do this, get to the World Series, and try to win a championship. So, again, I just feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Q. Scott, could you feel the atmosphere when Hoffman came in, how the stadium rocked?

SCOTT BROSIUS: This place was rocking all night long. It's just a great atmosphere to play, a lot like Yankee Stadium, although we're on the other side tonight. We heard they talked about this ballpark being as loud as ours, and it was pretty close.

Q. Would you go through the at-bat against Hoffman?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, again, I don't think I was trying to do anything in particular. Again, against him I was just looking to try to get something to hit, because of his change-up, how good his change-up is, I was trying to do my best not to jump out and spin off the ball. So it was really just thinking, trying to stay up the middle with him and try to see the pitch the best I could.

Q. How about the home run off Hitchcock, was he starting to lose it a little bit, and what was the pitch?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, he'd been pretty aggressive all night long with a fastball, and then 3-1, 3-2 situation, same thing. And I think at that point he had the three-run lead, and I just felt like he was going to be aggressive, and not try to walk me. And just a fastball that caught the middle of the plate.

Q. First fly ball that you hit, did you think that that had a possibility of going out?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I did. I thought I hit that ball pretty good. Not playing in the parks, you know, out here very much, you don't know how the ball carries to certain areas, but I did hit that ball pretty solid that first time up.

Q. Was your dad here tonight, have you talked to him since you've been on the West Coast?

SCOTT BROSIUS: He flew in this afternoon. I didn't get a chance to talk to him before I left for the ballpark today, but I assume he was at the ballpark and was at the game today. He wasn't feeling strong enough to fly out to New York, so it was nice to come to the West Coast.

Q. Is it special for you to do this for him tonight?

SCOTT BROSIUS: It feels good. Obviously I think this whole season's been a real positive distraction for what he's gone through, and I know he hasn't been feeling real good lately, so it's kind of nice to have some moments like this, where we kind of stop thinking about the quote, "real life things," and think about the dream a little bit.

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