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October 20, 1998

Bruce Bochy

SAN DIEGO: Game Three

Q. Bruce, Hoffman hadn't pitched in six days, it looked like his fastball was lacking, do you think he was rusty tonight?

BRUCE BOCHY: I think he can answer that better than me. It's obvious he didn't have his best stuff. He's gone this long without pitching before. We talked about this before, because he hadn't pitched in a while, he'd rather get his work in the bullpen, and come in in his usual situation. So I don't know if that played a part in his location or not.

Q. Can you talk about your decision to pinch run Vander Wal, and pinch hit with Sheets?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, against Rivera, we feel like the right-hand hitters are getting as good at-bats as our left-handers. Vander Wal hit off him in New York, and Myers did, too, and we felt like the right-hand hitters were seeing the ball better. Vaughn had a good at-bat, that's why I let Hernandez hit there. The ball was cutting in on the lefties, and we said before an inning, if it got to that situation, we'd let our right handers hit there.

Q. Can you explain why you went to Trevor so early?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, it's obvious this was a huge game for us, and I said before the game, if it was a situation where we had a one-run lead or two-run lead, and it was in the 8th inning, I would have started with him. When Myers walked the first hitter, I didn't want to leave Trevor down there and not use him. He's fresh, he's gone two innings before. It didn't work out today. But in a game like this, sure, we had to win today. We felt like this was a huge game for us, and it just got away from us.

Q. What will be your approach for tomorrow's game?

BRUCE BOCHY: We will just give it our all. That's all you can do, now. We're down three games. The odds are against us, and there's not much else to say, but go out there and play your hearts out, and this club will do it.

Q. Is Brown well enough to start tomorrow?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, he's fine to go tomorrow.

Q. Caminiti looks like on some of his swings he's bothered by his hamstring or groin, how good is he at this point?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I checked with him before the game, he said he felt fine. That one at-bat he fouled a ball off his knee, and kind of numbed his leg a little bit for a couple of minutes, but he said it went away. And I'll check on him as soon as I get back.

Q. How good are these Yankees?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, they're an outstanding ballclub. They've had a great year. Again, we had them tonight, and they came back. Brosius had a big day against us. We got a ball up there and he can handle it. But they're so solid throughout that line-up. They just don't depend on their three, four guys throughout the line-up, they get contribution from everyone, and they got it tonight.

Q. What was the reaction in the dugout after the home run, hadn't seen Trevor lose too many games?

BRUCE BOCHY: Obviously it wasn't a right moment for us. You hate to see that, but the team battled back. We came back and scored a run, and we threatened in the 9th, I think it says a lot about our ballclub, we just fell short tonight.

Q. Are you surprised at all that given the fact that Trevor pitched so well, to have two blown in the postseason?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I think anytime it doesn't work out with Trevor on the mound, sure you're surprised, because you're so used to him doing a great job. But he's human, and you know a couple base on balls, then you've got to pitch up. But the guy's had a tremendous year. And the fact that, sure, he's had a couple of rough moments this postseason, but he's one of the best closers in the game, and I'll take my chances with him out there.

Q. You've lost three straight heart breakers at home, how tough has it been?

BRUCE BOCHY: It's tough. This game reaches in and grabs your guts out. When you lose games like this, sure, it's tough to take. But it's the hard part of this game. Winning is great, but losing, especially in the World Series, it's tough. And now our backs are to the wall, we know that. The only thing we can do is go out and play our hearts out.

Q. What did Kevin say to you to let you know that he's ready to pitch tomorrow?

BRUCE BOCHY: He just said, hey, I'm fine to go. I'm good to go. He still -- I don't think he's a hundred percent, and we'll keep a close eye on him tomorrow.

Q. Back to the 6th when Hitchcock was able to get out of that inning, how did you see it from your vantage point?

BRUCE BOCHY: Oh, just a real gutsy job there by Hitchcock. He's done such a great job for us, and he got in a jam. And we stuck with him, and he showed his makeup, just showed great composure, and he made great pitches there. Can't say enough about what he's done for us this postseason, and for him to pitch out of that jam, just shows you what he's about.

Q. Can you talk about the fans, and the atmosphere they

created tonight?

BRUCE BOCHY: It doesn't get any better than the situation here at our stadium. These fans are just tremendous. The whole postseason they've been this way. And they've given us tremendous support throughout the season. But for them to show their enthusiasm the way they're doing, it's so appreciative on our end, and they're playing their part, and they're helping us, we just fell short again.

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