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October 11, 1999

Greg Maddux


Q. Greg, why do you think the team has been so successful against the Mets?

GREG MADDUX: Well, I don't know, probably just caught our sheer breaks. It's hard to look back and remember. I know in New York the most recent series, we got two out of three, and we've just gotten probably more big hits than they have. You really never know. You really don't care; what matters is how we played this week.

Q. Do you feel a real north/south rivalry here, Greg?

GREG MADDUX: You know, every year it seems like we're playing somebody different, and it doesn't feel like a rivalry. We're always trying to get to that next level. And this year is no different. This year is no different. This year is no different than last year playing the Padres or the year before that the Marlins; it's no different.

Q. Greg, what type of problems does the Mets line-up present to you, and what type of changes do you need to make?

GREG MADDUX: Well, their line-up is very balanced. They have a little bit of everything. They have -- well, they have a lot of speed, for one. And they have some power with Piazza, Ventura, Olerud, Agbayani. They have the guys that can run fast, the guys that can hit far, and Alfonso is swinging the bat really well right now. We've got to make the pitches to them.

Q. Were you upset with how you pitched last time?

GREG MADDUX: No, not really. Olerud got me, and you move on.

Q. Did you watch the tape of that game, to see what you did wrong?

GREG MADDUX: Not yet. I'm going to go in and look at some tonight. We just got back yesterday and I haven't had a chance to come in. I'm going to look at some stuff tonight, and find something that might help me. I'm going to try to take advantage of it.

Q. Can you comment on the job that the bullpen has done all year, and Rocker, specifically?

GREG MADDUX: Our bullpen has been great. Obviously, Rocker has been outstanding. I think the guys before him have been just as good, too. I think Kevin McClinchy, I don't know where he pitched last year, A ball or Double-A, nobody knew about him. And he's been solid all year. Remlinger has been solid all year. Rudy was outstanding before he went down. I think, obviously, Rocker has finished everything off, and done a very good job of it, but I think you can't overlook the guys that have gone in there to pitch the 7th or 8th, also.

Q. How important is fan support for a winning team?

GREG MADDUX: I don't know. I've always been one that never really knows how many people are in the stands, anyway. I think when you're out there pitching and you get locked in, what's going on outside the base lines, it's not really a factor. You're trying so hard to concentrate on the things you're doing, that you just kind of forget about everything else around you. I've heard pitchers say they feed off the emotion of the crowd and all that. I wish someone would kind of show me how to do that, because I never really know if it's sold out or what.

Q. Greg, how is the pressure on the team now, compared to the pressure you guys have faced in the past?

GREG MADDUX: I don't know. I really don't know. Personally, this year, for me, I don't feel any more pressure this year than I have in years past. I don't feel any less, either. I'm kind of right where I've always been as far as the amount of time you spend thinking about the game, before the game, and stuff like that. I'm kind of right where I think I usually am.

Q. Given the way the team handled the Mets, are you surprised they're around now?

GREG MADDUX: Yeah, I don't think we're surprised that we're playing them in the NLCS. I don't think we're surprised about that. I think we might be a little surprised at how they rallied the last series of the season. Knowing that there's three games left and they're two back; that the Reds and Astros have to both lose two out of three for them to have a chance, yeah, that's surprising. But as far as the ability of their team getting to this point, I don't think that surprises us.

Q. Is there a certain player that gives you fits, Greg?


Q. Greg, do you approach things differently in the postseason?

GREG MADDUX: You can. The only thing, Game 1 you don't know who's hot. I think later on in the series, if you start to go deep in a series, you start to have a good feel for who's swinging the bat really well. Obviously, Alfonso has done outstanding against the Diamondbacks; no question about it. Is that something he's going to carry over against us? I think you have to assume, but I don't think you start changing your gameplan because of it.

Q. The back-and-forth between the players, is that amusing to you at all, Greg?

GREG MADDUX: I'm not sure what's being said. Ever since I had kids, it's no more ESPN. Now we're watching Franklin and stuff like that. I've kind of missed the gossip that goes on around the game now, and I don't know what either of those two guys really said.

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