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September 30, 2003

Joe Borowski


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Joe?

Q. This team has responded to tough tests all year. How do you think they responded to tonight's test?

JOE BOROWSKI: It got us ready for what we're going to face in the playoffs here. We didn't go through a season where we didn't have any adversity or swept right through it and didn't have any tough race in the division. So, I mean, the way we fought all year, I think it tough evened us up for these close games throughout the playoffs. We never quit, you know, tonight is the perfect example. We kept going out there and plugging away. We could have easily packed it up and sent it home, but we kept going.

Q. Can you talk about what your predecessors did?

JOE BOROWSKI: I said all along without the guys in front of me I wouldn't be able to do my job effectively. Unfortunately, they don't get the praise for it, but they get just as much credit. Farnsworth comes in and threw and wound up walking and we got Javy out who has been tearing things up this year.

Q. As a closer, you have to be strong with your nerves. What about the situation tonight?

JOE BOROWSKI: You know, I kind of put in the same type of feeling as the Yankee series we had this year, and I let my adrenaline and emotions get to me in that series. I learned to take my time out there, get focused and don't get caught up in the moment. Stay focused don't get my heart racing, adrenaline taking control of you instead of you controlling it. I was able to control myself tonight. That's the reason I was able to stay focused and throw strikes.

Q. How would you describe Kerry's performance tonight?

JOE BOROWSKI: He came out from the start and looked like he was going to have a good game. For him to go out there and give up two hits and the second and third inning is pretty special and not even to mention what he did with his bat tonight. He was pretty much locked in for this game.

Q. Can you talk about your commitment to the breaking ball? There is a lot of talk about Cub pitchers being power pitchers.

JOE BOROWSKI: I'm lucky if I get it up there at 92 or 93. I rely on being able to throw my fast ball and slider for strikes when I need to and keeping hitters off balance and getting ahead and getting out of there as quick as possible. I'm looking to get out of there as soon as possible.

THE MODERATOR: A couple more for Joe.

Q. Can you imagine from two years ago you got called up on an emergency start and now you're in the closer situation?

JOE BOROWSKI: I have been saying all year that I never doubted if given the chance I could perform in the big leagues, but beyond my wildest dreams I ever thought I would be closing in the big leagues. To get the chance to close 33 games this year I never thought I would get close to that many chances in my entire career. It differently got me down two years ago, that start because I knew first impressions are hard to erase and I didn't give him a good reason for me to make the team in 2002. I never gave up because I believed I could still do it. I think that actually made me a little tougher.

THE MODERATOR: One last one for Joe. Anyone? Thanks, Joe.

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