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October 5, 2003

Joe Borowski

Kenny Lofton


THE MODERATOR: Kenny Lofton and Joe Borowski are now here.

Q. Kenny, you have been in this situation several times. How does this one compare?

KENNY LOFTON: I think it compares pretty much to the top of the list. I'm from the Chicago area and grown up a Cubs fan. It's kind of pretty exciting for me and the emotions are running high right now for. It's exciting. It's pretty wild.

Q. Kenny, what about the play, the line drive to center field?

KENNY LOFTON: I came in and pretty much caught the ball and the umpires have the say-so out there, so I just caught it and threw the ball to second. After that -- after I caught the ball, it wasn't on me.

Q. Did one umpire rule a catch and one not a catch or how did that come about?

KENNY LOFTON: I don't know. I pretty much don't know. I threw the ball into second place and looked around and the umpire said no catch.

Q. It seems like no matter what team or league you are in, when you face the Braves, you cause a lot of problems?

KENNY LOFTON: It's something about the city of Atlanta I guess. I came to the Braves in '97. I thought I had a good year, but they didn't and they pretty much kicked me to the curb. After that I felt pretty -- every time I got an opportunity to do some damage, I try to.

Q. Joe, is it celebrating tonight and back to work tomorrow?

JOE BOROWSKI: This is the first step with what we want to do. We're not satisfied winning the series. We want to go each step and do what we can to progress throughout the playoffs. We'll celebrate on the way back to Chicago tonight. Tomorrow we'll work out and get ready for the Marlins, and it's back to work. Tonight just enjoy what's going on, but it will sink in and tomorrow's back to reality and back to work.

Q. When you're in the bullpen most of the game out there, are you looking around and seeing the Cubs fans?

JOE BOROWSKI: You look around, but in the bullpen you're pretty much right in the thick of the crowd. It was almost like we were playing another home game. You can tell when things were going well for us that the fans were into it and what a feeling it is to go out there and have people cheering for you, even though you're in a visiting park. It gets that little bit of extra adrenaline going and it was explosive out there, the atmosphere. You can still hear the Braves fans out there, but when you're in a visiting park, you don't expect to hear quite what we heard when we were doing well too.

Q. Joe, you were with the Braves and then back to the minors for a long time. How does it feel to you personally tonight to have come through this?

JOE BOROWSKI: Unbelievably satisfying. It's hard to put into words. To pretty much -- Atlanta was the place where I first had pretty much a taste of being in the big leagues. I didn't get too much of a chance to really pitch on a consistent basis. I shuffled around and found a home in Chicago, and to come back here and be able to succeed and beat them in a series, it's just icing on the cake.


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