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July 10, 2001

Bret Boone

John Olerud


Q. Bret, when Cal and Alex switched, first, can you say your impressions on Alex giving up his spot and having Cal go over, and were you secretly hoping somebody would get a ground ball double play so you could turn two with Cal?

BRET BOONE: I wanted to turn from Cal to Alex to me to first. That's what I wanted. I didn't even know they were going to do it, and all of the sudden they did it, and it's kind of a tribute to Cal. I don't think Alex really thought twice about it. He didn't care. It was just one of those things for the fans and for Cal, all of the years he played at shortstop. It was pretty fitting; Cal hit a home run. So that's pretty special moment for them.

Q. The Commissioner was just talking about the legacy that Gwynn and Ripken just set. Can you talk about how special it is to play in their last All-Star Game?

BRET BOONE: I got a chance to play with Tony last year, and to see him go through what he went through, with his knees and stuff. Here's a guy that is one of the best hitters in the last 20 or 30 years, one of the top pure hitters in the history of baseball, and for him, I thought it was great the way they had the special selection for Tony this year, for all he's done for the game. Here are two guys who have played their whole career with the same organization and have had unbelievable careers. And both are great guys. You know, obviously, First Ballot, they are going in, and I got a chance to play with one, I got a chance to play with one in an All-Star Game and that's something that I will remember.

JOHN OLERUD: I would say Tony it one of the best hitters, hitting for average. I've always had a great deal of respect for the way he swung the bat and how he played and his consistency has just been unbelievable, as well as those stats that they listed talk about. But I have a little more experience playing against Cal, and that sort of thing. He's another guy that, you know, his character, going out and playing every day, the way he treats the fans, the way he treats other players. I remember my first time playing against him and him being at first base and, you know, him talking to you just like you were anybody else; that makes a big impression when you are a rookie and your first time playing against somebody like that, his superstar status, you know. They are a couple of great guys, been great to play against them and be a part of this right here.

Q. How much more special was this experience having so many of your Mariner teammates around you?

BRET BOONE: I think it is great, for what is going on in the city this year, for how well we have done, for the first half. To see -- what epitomized it was to see, when Mike got picked late, Mike Cameron, the look on his face and how excited he was. Really, some of the things that have gone on in the first half, Mike has had an awesome first half and it has been a little bit overlooked how good his first half has been, and just to see how excited he was. Nowadays, a lot of times you see some players that get picked for an All-Star Game don't really want to go and don't want to show up, and Mike is the complete opposite of that. He was just so excited and was going to let everybody know. I thought it was a really neat thing, because you don't see it that often, but I was very happy for him and happy for all of my teammates. And you've got a few guys that have been considered, too. Aaron Sele sitting home at 10-1. I'm happy for all of the Mariners, and we have all had a great time.

JOHN OLERUD: I think it has been a great first half for us, kind of a dream season so far to have the All-Star Game here, to get off to such a good start. And we've had a ton of guys that have really played well and that were deserving to be on this team. So it's kind of a little bit like celebrating the first half -- getting those guys to come play in the All-Star Game, it's been great.

Q. Can you talk about facing Randy Johnson?

BRET BOONE: Lucked out again. (Laughs). I think if you check the books, I've done that against him a lot; made an out. I've faced him before. He's still Randy.

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