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October 7, 2002

Barry Bonds


KATY FEENEY: Barry Bonds is also here.

Q. A few years back you expressed your frustration about losing to the Braves. Was that on your mind and how does this feel?

BARRY BONDS: I don't know. I've never been passed the first round. I'm shocked, to be honest with you, I've seen a lot of celebrations by them. They're a class act team. They've got a class act organization. That's why they won as many championships as they won and been the team that they've been over the decade. You play hard and you do the best you can. You can't say enough for that organization. I just feel good that I finally got past one round.

Q. You've always been grateful for all the individual accolades, but you've always said the emphasis should be on the team. This was a team effort. Would you comment on that?

BARRY BONDS: Without a doubt. I think what Russell Ortiz did in this series is just phenomenal. And Livan came through big for us in the elimination. I'll be happy once I win the World Series. Right now I'm just a little bit shocked because I've never been past the first round. And I don't know how to respond right now. I don't know to be happy or to just sit here.

Q. The Braves have been your nemesis before. When they put two men on in the 9th, was that going through your mind?

DUSTY BAKER: No. I have never been a superstitious person, but my son wears this shirt that I'm wearing underneath in San Francisco. And he said we've never lost a game when I wore this shirt. So I put this shirt on underneath my shirt. All I was doing was just looking up in the sky and just saying, you know what, son, you're something else. That's all I was thinking about.

Q. Exactly a year ago tonight you hit your 73rd home run. How would you compare that night to this one?

BARRY BONDS: You can't compare right now. The World Series is what it's about. It's going to come down to two teams in the World Series, and it's going to come down to one team that wins it. You can't compare right now.

Q. The Giants faced elimination almost since the end of August. Do you think in these last two games that mentality helped?

BARRY BONDS: I don't know. We've just been playing good baseball the last month of the season. And the momentum for us has just been on our side right now. We pitched well and we've been able to get key hits in key situations. This whole series has been lopsided until today. We'd win by a big margin or they'd win by a big margin. It's been so flip side, I was just hoping it wasn't their turn.

Q. Is there a measure of personal satisfaction when you go 2 for 3, score two runs and hit that home run?

BARRY BONDS: It's a personal satisfaction when you win. Regardless. I hit the ball hard this whole series and I didn't get a whole lot out of it. The first game against Glavine I went one for four and hit three balls hard. The second game, Millwood pitched it and made perfect pitches all the time and put us in the hole. And then we got back with Glavine again and beat him again. Millwood is probably, I think, with us, it was just a little bit help that he went on three days rest and Glavine went on three days rest, because those type of pitchers can go on three days. Like Livan, he can pitch almost every single day. They just have the arms to do that. We were just trying to take advantage of the situation with Millwood, and hopefully one of his pitches weren't as consistent as it was the first time we faced him.

Q. So much has been made about your past post-season record. Did that enter your mind during this series?

BARRY BONDS: I'm just a ball player. That's just unfortunate with, during the course of a season I put up numbers that are pretty overwhelming. And the expectation for me every at bat is to hit a home run or score a run or steal a base or do something every single at bat. During the course of a season that never happens at all either. It's just unfortunate that it's just so much emphasis put on me as an individual than us as a team.

Q. Just some thoughts on the Cardinals and the series coming up and what you look for.

BARRY BONDS: Right now I'm just trying to get through the day. I almost forgot who we were playing next, to be honest with you. I've never been here before, so I'm just going to rest tomorrow and go on Wednesday.

Q. You're very calm. Are you suppressing a lot of the emotion?

BARRY BONDS: No. We were out of it before, I always said, I'm going to work harder and I'll be back. And I worked real hard, and we worked hard as a team, and we're be back. And I won't be satisfied until I get a World Series ring. So I'm not calm, I'm just determined to win a World Series ring.

Q. How do you feel about your friend Gary Sheffield and his post-season?

BARRY BONDS: I think that Gary Sheffield is a great baseball player. The Atlanta Braves is a great team, and there should never be pressure on one guy in that team. Because they have all all-star players over there. So for the media to take potshots at Gary Sheffield, I'd have to just watch my language.

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