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October 14, 1999

Ramon Martinez


Q. You did pretty much everything humanly possible to put your team in the position to win. How frustrating is it then that you finished on the short side?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, we had our chances. We got a man in scoring position and we can't come up with the base hit that we wanted. I mean I didn't want to come out in my situation of the game but I had to come out, but it was a great game. It was an exciting game and I could keep going.

Q. Were you surprised that you had enough strength to throw so many pitches?

RAMON MARTINEZ: No. I can go farther than that, than what I did tonight.

Q. Could you talk about what kind of pitches you threw? It didn't seem like you threw too many breaking balls.

RAMON MARTINEZ: No, I was just trying to get location of my fastball then use my other breaking pitch in a situation where I can -- I was just involved, but I was trying to get location of my fastball.

Q. 120 pitches was the most you have thrown in a long, long time. How did you hold up to that and how much longer do you think you could have gone?

RAMON MARTINEZ: I mean, I feel fine, when I come out of the game I was just normal. I don't feel any kind of pain, tired or anything.

Q. Is this the first time that you faced the Yankees; what is your opinion of them?

RAMON MARTINEZ: This is one of the greatest teams. That is the reason why they are here. I know that I am going to have a tough game. I did the best that I could.

Q. What did you throw to Knoblauch? What did he hit?

RAMON MARTINEZ: It was a change-up.

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