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October 13, 1999

Scott Brosius


Q. Single, triple, home run. When you get up there the last time at-bat, do you even think about the cycle of the game or are you just up there to get a hit?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, I knew if I have had a chance it will probably be tonight because I got that triple out of the way and I don't get too many of those. Really in that situation I was just more concerned about trying to get on base and if it happened with a double, it would have just been that much more fun. Lowe is pretty tough on me and I was just trying to find a way to get to first.

Q. When you scored that run at the plate on the bang bang play at the plate did you feel that you helped force Varitek to give up the ball?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I don't know. I don't know if he was expecting me to hit him or what he was expecting. I really had nowhere to go on the play. He was pretty much straddling the line, he was down pretty low and I knew I wouldn't be able to slide around him. I felt like my only chance to get to the plate was to try to go over him or past him that way. So I haven't really seen the replay to see when the ball came out, but I just felt like that was my only chance to get to the plate.

Q. What was the emotional reaction in the Yankee dug out after you scored that run?

SCOTT BROSIUS: It was, again, I mean, we had -- we were battling all game long and really hit the ball; guys put some real good swings on balls that were caught, so, we were just pushing and pushing to try to get at least that tying run across. So I think just to tie the game up guys felt pretty good about that.

Q. What did you think of the atmosphere here playing against divisional rival Boston in the ALCS?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Well, I don't know if it can get anymore crazy here just because it is Boston than it normally does during the Playoffs. This place can go pretty wild anyway, but I think it is great. As far as just the history of this whole thing to be able to play in the Playoffs, I think it is going to be the same way once we get to Boston as it is here.

Q. What is it about the postseason, do you feel that you just lock -- you get more focused as the postseason wears on?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I don't know if it's that or what -- I love the postseason, I mean, it is something as a player you just hope you get the opportunity to do. So I just kind of see it as everyday, you kind of play with your back against the wall and I kind of treat every game as a must-win game and so it is just -- it is fun to go in and just feel like you have a lot of intensity in every game.

Q. You have had a tough year with your father passing. How much do you think about him and how does that affect you in this postseason?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I don't know if it's going to affect me or not now as far as playing here. Certainly I think when this whole thing is said and done and I go home and you know, all those things kind of take place once I get home, I think that is when it will really kind of affect me. But this time of year I am supposed to be away. I am out playing baseball. I am not supposed to be at home, so some of those things, you know, I can kind of keep where they are at until I go home to face them.

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