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June 14, 2004

Kobe Bryant


Q. Would not winning this title be the biggest disappointment of your basketball career?
KOBE BRYANT: So I assume you're counting us out.
Well, I can't do that because I don't feel that way. So, you know, I think anytime you lose, it's tough and it's tough to deal with. But from our standpoint, it's about getting one game and then just going from there. It's a one-game series.
So, if you know me, I'm probably the most optimistic person you've ever met, so you should know that I refuse to answer any of that type of question.
Q. You've said all season long that this season OF basketball was going to be like a sanctuary for you, at most, the season has six more days, at worst, one more day, what do you do when it's over?
KOBE BRYANT: Work on getting ready for the next one. Start training and enjoy the time off, and get ready for next season.
Q. Early in the playoffs, Rasheed made a guarantee that his team would win. What went into your promise that the Lakers are going to win tomorrow?
KOBE BRYANT: I don't understand your question.
Q. What was the thought process, what made you promise that the Lakers would win tomorrow?
KOBE BRYANT: I promised?
Q. Yeah.
KOBE BRYANT: I'll go with that, man. It's fine with me.
We don't have a choice. We've got to win. We've got to get it done. I think we came up here, best case scenario was to get three, the next was to get two. Step down from that, just get one and we still have an opportunity to get one. The worst possible scenario is you drop all three of these but I don't think that's going to happen.
Q. History is against you, the 3-1 thing. If there's any team that maybe could break that, that could be the Los Angeles Lakers. How do you focus your mind and what do you do to get yourself ready to change the course of history?
KOBE BRYANT: Just take it one game at a time, that's all, and understand that history is not necessarily on their side, either. No home team has ever won three straight games at home. So, you know, that's a bit of history to overcome. Not as big as we do, but there's both sides of the coin.
Q. The last two games you're shooting 32 percent, what's gone wrong for you the last two games?
KOBE BRYANT: Well, I could be shooting 20 percent.
You just forget about it and you move on to the next game and try to do better. I got some easy looks at the start of the game, didn't go for me. Hopefully next game it will go down.
Q. Any frustration with your inability to get to the free throw line?
KOBE BRYANT: Yeah, I feel like I've been attacking the basket, just haven't been able to get to the line for whatever reason, on jumpshots, on penetration. Haven't been putting me to the line. Hopefully that will change next game.

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