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June 13, 2004

Rasheed Wallace


Q. People used to say you didn't like to go down to the post, but you're kind of living down there, do you feel that's a misperception of you or you've changed what you're doing?
RASHEED WALLACE: No, hell, yeah, it's a misperception. When I was in high school and North Carolina, it wasn't called for me to go out on a wing. I didn't start going out on the wing till I played in Portland at the 3. So I don't know where you got that from.
Q. Your image has been very negative in the media and with the referees, but it seems now that we've met you, it seemed somewhat uncalled for. Is this your ultimate moment of glory till you win the title, this game, your performance and team performance? Is this moment right now your ultimate get-back on all of that bad stuff that's been said about you in the past?
RASHEED WALLACE: So you think that if we do win it Tuesday or whatever, you think y'all are still going to write nothing bad about me? (Laughter).
That doesn't brother me, man, because like my mom always told me, 50 percent of the people love you , 50 percent hate you. So what y'all write about me is, it's all like water off a duck's back, man.
Q. Is this your greatest moment as a ballplayer? Up to now was this game, your performance on this important day, was this your ultimate basketball moment?
RASHEED WALLACE: No. No, not at all. Not in my opinion.
Q. Then what was?
RASHEED WALLACE: You know, games that was in the past that was bigger than this. You know, some games that I had in Portland and through my whole basketball career, you know, that's a little too broad, man. I had some big games, also, but, you know, hey, just got to keep moving.
Q. Can you talk about how it helped you to not be in foul trouble in the first half, to actually be out there and be able to go at things offensively?
RASHEED WALLACE: It just felt good for the first time in this series to play in the second quarter. You know, just, honestly I didn't really pay too much attention to it. I still had a foul or two, whatever, but just got to go and play through it. You know, just keep with that determination.
Q. How much did that little confrontation with Medvedenko light a fire under you, because you went at him about five times in a row next five possessions and scored some points?
RASHEED WALLACE: It was actually unnecessary. You know, he threw a little elbow shot, which is cool by me, but, you know, hey, if that's how he wants to play, then I can play like that, too. But I'm not out there to throw elbows and all of that. I'm out there to try to help my team win. All that extracurricular stuff can be handled in the back there.
Q. It seemed like you just took over the game, you felt that Karl was a little hobbled on his legs and you just went after him time and time again. I followed your career for years, including when you were in Portland, it just seemed like you -- you just took over. How did this happen? Besides the fact that the refs let you play.
RASHEED WALLACE: Just playing. I knew Karl was a little hobbled, so that was one of the weaknesses in their defense but that's something that we had to attack, not only with myself, but if Ben had a chance to post-up against them or take them out on a wing, whatever, just got to attack them. You know, he has a bad knee or whatever, so, we can't have no sympathy for that.
We just followed the game plan from the first few games. It was just my night. Actually, my shots was falling a little bit, so, hey, I've got to take that in stride.

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