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October 13, 1999

Ramon Martinez


Q. Ramon, early in the year trying to come back and work hard and get to this point; now that you are here, at this point, you have gone through all that, can you talk about pitching in Game 2 now in such a big series?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, I guess it is longer than I thought from my first game back in February. Five days ago we were in Fenway Park. It was a very tight game because we were 0 and 2 and I got that in my mind and I think a lot about that game and we got the chance to get back in and win last three games. This time I hope everything goes the same way. I mean, I am going tomorrow and try to do the best that I can.

Q. What has it meant to you to be on the same team again with your brother?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, I mean, no better -- I mean, it is great. Since the beginning that I enjoy my brother this year and we got chance to make it to the World Series. I mean, that is -- I mean, I don't think anybody could ask for more.

Q. What was the most difficult obstacle you had to overcome in your rehab?

RAMON MARTINEZ: A lot of things. When I start my rehab, when I start throwing it that was the hardest part because there was a lot of pain, sore days where I say that I am probably not going to make it. There was a lot of sore, but I never stopped. I never give up. I mean, I am pretty much very well right now.

Q. What are the differences in you as a pitcher now as opposed to before?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, the difference -- I don't see any difference because maybe the difference -- my velocity maybe, but everything else, it is there. I can throw all my pitches. I don't have any kind of problem with my arm. And I feel better and better.

Q. When Jimy told you you were coming out of the rotation after your first start against the Royals --

RAMON MARTINEZ: I was kind of disappointed a little bit, but at the same time I was -- you know, it was a hard decision for Jimy because they were in pennant race, trying get the wild card and I did understand what the situation was, but I tell him that if I have any chance or that I can get into the games, so get that chance, that is what happened. So they give me the chance and here I am.

Q. How would you say you and Pedro are alike or similar or different in the clubhouse?

RAMON MARTINEZ: We are a little different. I mean, I don't know, I am a little quiet than him and he can talk a little more than I do. He is a big competitor as well as me and maybe personality, that is maybe a little different, but we are very competitive.

Q. Can you talk about the Yankees' lineup and what are some of the key areas in pitching -- when you are pitching against them?

RAMON MARTINEZ: Well, I had never faced a Yankee before, but I will do it tomorrow, so I can talk to you about that tomorrow. Nothing that I can talk about today because I haven't faced them before. I did watch many times and I am going to try to do my best tomorrow.

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