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July 9, 2005

Tamika Catchings


TAMIKA CATCHINGS: I think we came out and we were really motivated, very inspired to play this game, especially with all of the talk about East/West. And unfortunately, we let the game get away from us a little bit too much and at the end, you know, kind of like, they were so far ahead, it was hard to get back. It was a great time. I had a great time. Two great teams, it was great to play with a lot of the players you know you'll never play with, so I had a great time.

Q. You and Sheryl Swoopes sort of play the same position, you're both forwards, and you're both also the top vote-getters in each Conference. Can you just talk about what she has meant to you growing up and what you have learned playing with her in the Olympics, as well?

TAMIKA CATCHINGS: Well, Sheryl is definitely a tremendous player. It was funny because yesterday I talked about '93 when she scored, what, a career-high, 47 points or 43, something like that, Texas Tech, and watching her in that game; and the '96 Olympics with Lisa and Dawn, it's been fun to kind to kind of watch her and learn her game. The '96 Olympics was when I really started focusing on her and watching her game a lot. I mean, I've learned a lot from her, and having the opportunity to play with her in the Olympics, it was definitely fun, and fun to not only watch her but watch Lisa and Dawn, as well, to figure out different ways to help to improve my game by watching them.

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