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September 19, 2005

Taj McWillaims-Franklin


Q. Backs to the wall, yada, yada, yada?


Q. Well, down to 2-1 there's an element of that I think.

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: I guess. I'm not worried about that. It's not over until they blow the horn, so it will be fun. It will be interesting.

Q. Does having been in so many situations like that, elimination situations, that makes this a little bit more palatable for the whole team?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: Yes. Because you never know what the new guys are thinking, the young players. But I think if they sense that we're calm, I think that they will be, also. And I'm never worried about anything, because it doesn't pay to worry about it when we still have to play tomorrow. The game's not over, it's the third game of -- the final game and if we had just lost it, that's a little bit different. But I can't worry about it until they throw it up tomorrow. They have an opportunity and we do, too.

Q. Do you get a sense from your teammates of the same confidence that you obviously do?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: I would hope so. I would hope so. Definitely myself Nykesha and KD, I haven't seen any visible worry frowns on their faces, so I believe that we should be confident. We played really badly and still had an opportunity to stay in the game. And that's something to look up for. It's not all bad. We were down by 15 at one point and we still came back and had the opportunity to go ahead. And we missed some opportunities, but we fought back. And that's something that's encouraging.

Q. You said you felt like you sense that about Nykesha and Katie, you didn't have any of those worries or frowns on your faces. Do you think that the rest of the team sort of takes a cue from the three of you?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: I would hope so. I definitely think that they look at us and see how we are acting. I know I was in the locker room just now, a couple of the girls were looking at me, but I was looking at the video. So I think that that's natural, it's human nature that the young players are going to look at the people that have been there the longest for leadership and support in the time of need. And I would hope that they would look at us and that we would be able to respond tomorrow.

Q. What do you think is within your control right now in terms of correctable errors?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: Turnovers, loose balls. Definitely. All that is in our control. Limit that, like we did in Game 2, it's a different series. It's over, we have to do what we need to do, and that's limit our turnovers, get after some of those loose balls, and offensive rebounds, ours and theirs. Those are things we can control. Box out we can control. We can do that. We just need to do it more consistently.

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