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October 8, 2000

Edgardo Alfonzo


Q. Edgardo, Robin was in here earlier and he said about you, "he's our best player," and that's just a fact. How does that make you feel when a respected teammate talks about you like that?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: First of all, I just want to thank God for giving me the opportunity, giving me a chance for this to be possible. And every time that a guy like Robin, a guy who has been in the Major Leagues a lot of years and they talk about you, I just feel happy. I feel great. And it makes me work a little more and I try to do the best that I can.

Q. What is it about the clutch, key pressure situations that bring out the best in you? It just seems like big game after big game, you're in the middle of something?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: Well, I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, it's pretty good. And every time I've had the opportunity to do my job, I always have to be positive every time I go to home plate and see somebody in scoring position, and just be patient and just wait for your pitch and you just try to do your job. The last couple of games, I think I've tried to do too much in the first couple innings, but like I said, it's good when I see some runners in scoring position on second or third and whatever, I have to be patient at home plate and wait for my pitch to hit. I don't really think about anything out there. I just try to do my best at home plate.

Q. You've been said at times to be an underrated player when the attention goes to somebody else, are you amused by that, does it bother you? How do you feel about it?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: I like to play the game. I like to be a good player, part of the team. And God knows what he is doing; so I just leave it up to him. I just feel happy when we win and I contribute to do something good for the team. And last night, you know, the night before, like I say, the team is doing good, I just have to enjoy and try to do my job and whatever happens, happens. I take it two ways. Either they give me credit or they give me good things to contribute to win, and this is the way I took it. The longer we win, I just feel happy for us.

Q. When you see about the problems that the Yankees are having at second base, does it give you a good feeling knowing that you are the best second base man in the city?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: It is hard work. I have always worked hard to be a pretty good player, and every time you see the results, it makes you feel pretty good and feel like you have to work a little harder. I don't really see it that way. Like I say, I just try to do my job and whenever people, media and TV make a couple good points good me, I just feel happy to be here and participate in every game and try to be healthy. You know, this is my second year in the big leagues playing second base. I think, really, I feel just happy the way I've been playing so far.

Q. Did you have play on a team where a pitcher pitched as well as Bobby Jones did tonight?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: I tell you what, I've been seeing a lot of games before I come into the big leagues. And today it was something special. Leiter has been doing a great job for us. Hampton is a guy that likes to win, and they have been trying pretty good. But tonight, Bobby Jones did something special. Bobby, I think, like I said, he threw the game of his life. He was really comfortable. He looked just good enough to win. Like after the All-Star Break, he had been doing a tremendous job for the Mets, and tonight he proved it one more time and everything has worked well for him. He was ahead in the count. He was unbelievable, and I really enjoy playing behind him and I'm glad for him to win this game.

Q. Can you talk about Bobby Jones throwing something special, is there any time out there in the dugout or the field that you knew how special this game was going to be?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: You know, the first inning, the way he was throwing it, outside, inside and the big curve, I said, well, you know, this guy, I think his performance today is pretty good, and every inning he started with strike one and that is a good sign by the pitcher. And Bobby, that's what he was doing in today's game. We just said, well, we have to score a couple runs for him, at least one run, because he's being so tough on the mound. And as soon as he got the confidence, he started getting ahead in the count and that was it. Bobby, like I say, he deserved to win and he did everything to help us to go to the next step.

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