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October 4, 2003

Josh Beckett


Q. I'm assuming you're hoping not to pitch tomorrow?

JOSH BECKETT: Yeah, that would be nice, just have Game 1 in the CS. That's obviously what we're shooting for. But I'm ready to pitch tomorrow, if not.

Q. Any travel plans where you would go out early for a game in San Francisco or will you be with the team?

JOSH BECKETT: No, I'll stay with the team. I won't leave early. It's a day game. We got plenty of time. I don't think Jack really likes that anyway. I think one time he came up to me, whenever I had asked if I could leave early, he said, "Last two guys we sent didn't pitch well." I don't think he's a real big fan of that.

Q. Could you talk about your frame of mind today because of the uncertainty that you may be pitching the biggest game of your life or you may not be pitching at all?

JOSH BECKETT: You just got to prepare yourself to pitch tomorrow. And that's what I did. I just got done doing some dry work on the mound, same stuff I do the day before I pitch. I think that's how you got to go at this thing, is you got to be prepared to pitch tomorrow.

Q. The Giants considered pitching Schmidt today on short rest, but didn't. What does a pitcher's arm feel like on a fourth day as opposed to a fifth day?

JOSH BECKETT: It's different for everybody. I threw my bullpen yesterday. I threw my bullpen on my third day. It would be kind of difficult for me, without notice, to go on the fourth day. I'd have to adjust. I'd have to know before the second day so I could throw my bullpen on the second day. I don't know when Jason throws his bullpen or anything, but it's different for everybody. I know like my second day, the reason I don't throw my bullpen on my second day is because that's always my worst day. The day after it's kind of starting to set in, then the second day is usually my sorest day.

Q. Do you feel a comfort level from the fact you pitched well in Game 1, and it was in San Francisco where this one would be?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know about a comfort level. You know, I've been throwing the ball well. You know, I just got to keep doing what I've been doing. I can't try and change anything or anything like that. So I'm not too worried about it. I'm going to be going up against Schmidt again. Apparently he's not throwing today. It's going to be he and I again.

Q. You've been saying since July this team was going to be here. Do you have any other predictions?

JOSH BECKETT: No. I can't really. I'm a little tired right now. These day games are starting to get to me a little bit (laughter).

Q. What did you learn from having gone through that first playoff start as opposed to pitching regular season games?

JOSH BECKETT: When you're pitching against Jason Schmidt, don't give up any runs (laughter). No, I don't know. I don't know. You can't get out of your game. You can't let the fans and the surroundings dictate what you do. You know, you still got to stay in your game plan and do what you need to do.

Q. If you could take back one pitch, would it be the full count curve ball, and who called for that pitch?

JOSH BECKETT: I called for the pitch. Pudge threw down a fastball, and I was throwing my curveball for strikes at that time. I thought I could get it in there, and I didn't, so. I would take that pitch back. That would be it.

JIM FERGUSON: Thank you.

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