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October 4, 2000

Bobby Valentine


Q. Bobby, how did you feel about the Giants' bullpen? It came in with bases loaded.

BOBBY VALENTINE: Rodriguez got a good out, threw the ball hard and got a big out. Our guys got big outs, too, but they already had a lead.

Q. What effect did the stoppage of play after Derek Bell was hurt have on your team?

BOBBY VALENTINE: I was out in the outfield. I should have had Mike throw more. He lost his rhythm after that. And he threw one down the middle to Alex that did what he should do to it. It was much too long a delay, and I should have had Mike throwing.

Q. What two pitches did Mike throw -- was the one-two pitch before the triple a strike?

BOBBY VALENTINE: I think it was a two-two pitch. The way everyone reacted, like the infields were coming off, and Mike was coming off. But that's baseball, nothing you can do about that. It was a close pitch, no doubt about that.

Q. Besides the third inning for Hampton, would you talk about his performance the rest of the game?

BOBBY VALENTINE: I thought -- a couple of pitches there, the only time he faltered, I thought he had his good stuff. He got a lot of big outs, jammed some hitters, got a lot of balls off the end of the bat the way he can. He threw it well. Not good enough, but he threw it well.

Q. What effect do you think the crowd had on the game today, particularly compared to the rest of the season?

BOBBY VALENTINE: It was an exciting crowd. I don't know if it had anything to do with the game. But I think it does a game proud, when we see that many people excited about our game.

Q. Are you concerned about the offense?

BOBBY VALENTINE: I'd rather they get a hit all the time. But Fonzi's at-bats were good, Mike went out of the zone a little. Robin let some hitters count that he missed the pitches.

Q. What is the impact of losing the first game?

BOBBY VALENTINE: We're down one.

Q. What is the advantage in a five-game series of three games at home?

BOBBY VALENTINE: That you get to play. You hit the last three times, if it goes five games, you know.

Q. What did you see Livan doing that was working?

BOBBY VALENTINE: He did what we thought he would do. He just made pretty good pitches at times. He used his change-up and slider and breaking ball when he was behind, and threw a few good fast balls hard and away. He pitched well. He's a good pitcher.

Q. Would you talk about the extent of Derek Bell's injury?

BOBBY VALENTINE: It's an injury that will keep him from playing, that's for sure. And it's wrapped up pretty good now. He has crutches. No way he'll play tomorrow, that's for sure.

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