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October 12, 2003

Josh Beckett


Q. Josh, when did you realize you were really in the groove tonight? Did you feel it right away, or did it take an inning or two to realize you were really settling in and doing something?

JOSH BECKETT: No, I felt it right away. I felt I had good stuff and felt my mechanics were coming together. It's a little easier when you have a good bullpen. So I think it all starts there. And I felt like I threw a good bullpen.

Q. What was your reaction when Sammy got upset with the inside pitch? How much do you think he overreacted?

JOSH BECKETT: He overreacted a lot. I don't know really what else to say. I don't know what he was trying to do; trying to pull a Boston Red Sox-Yankees thing. I don't know. I was so surprised I had to shoot something else back at him. It was kind of baffling to me, really.

Q. Josh, thinking ahead, based on your own experience with your own arm, are you capable of coming back with two days' rest on Wednesday, if you're needed to?

JOSH BECKETT: Yeah. That would be my throw day anyway, so why not?

Q. How did you overcome the blister troubles that affected you earlier in your career?

JOSH BECKETT: I got this stuff called Stan's Blister Ointment. And I guess I should probably be sponsored by them, everybody is asking me this question all the time. I'm always promoting this stuff. I put it on between my starts. I haven't had to do it in the second half. It's kind of taken care of itself.

Q. The starting pitching staff has been roughed up a little bit in the series. How important was it for you to go out and shut them down and take pressure off your hitters?

JOSH BECKETT: It was big. We needed a good outing from our starter. And I knew that going in that they roughed us up quite a bit. We needed to pitch better, that's all there is to it.

Q. Can you just talk about having your first complete game being on this stage and did you have to do any kind of lobbying to Jack to stay in?

JOSH BECKETT: No, they told me in I think -- after the 6th, they said this is your game. I only had like 80 some pitches at the time. I didn't have to lobby for it. It's big. Like I said, I saved the bullpen, not because we needed that, because tomorrow is an off day. But, I don't know, it's just fun.

Q. Mike was just saying he was struck by the amount of changeups you threw, especially to right-handed hitters. Was that dictated by the start time and a change of speed was going to be good today or was that because of the lineup?

JOSH BECKETT: Well, it was the exact same lineup. I knew I had to make some adjustments. Like I said, they hit it at people, and I got lucky.

Q. When Sosa was being sort of corralled by the umpire, you came back, was that a message on your part that you weren't

backing down or what went on with that?

JOSH BECKETT: No, I'm just used to having the ball in my hand, I guess. That's what I felt like I needed to do. I didn't feel like I backed down at all. I thought he overreacted, to be completely honest with you. I thought it was really stupid that we had to go through that.

Q. How did you keep your composure after that, given that you think he overreacted and you said that you sort of felt compelled to say something to him? What did you say?

JOSH BECKETT: I can't repeat that (laughter). I don't know, I just backed off. Hey, he's still one of the most dangerous hitters in the Big Leagues, so I knew I had to execute pitches to him.

Q. This postseason pitchers from Texas are 7-1, and the only double figure strikeout games are you, Wood and Pettitte. What is it about Texas pitchers?

JOSH BECKETT: That's a good question, I don't know. I don't know the answer to that. I really don't. I guess because it's a big state, more people get to come out of there.

Q. When Derrek Lee catches the ball to secure that and you show all that emotion, can you articulate what you were feeling exactly, there?

JOSH BECKETT: I think I had a little sigh of relief that it was over. Like I said, I couldn't think of another guy that could have messed that game up more than Sammy Sosa if he hit a home run there. It was a sigh of relief.

Q. Did you want to face him to finish it?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't think you ever want to face him. It's like Barry Bonds, and like, yeah, I can't wait for this hitter to come up there.

Q. Can you talk about when Ramirez hit that very, very long foul shot? Did you think that it was going to maybe be fair and what were you thinking as you watched the flight of that?

JOSH BECKETT: I thought it had a chance to go foul. I was thinking -- I was actually saying probably out loud, go foul, go foul, go foul. I don't know, it was -- he hit it hard.

Q. After you got the ball back, you came back with 100 and 99 (mph). Were you more energized for those pitches?

JOSH BECKETT: Yeah, you get a little adrenaline going. But you've got to control it. It's got to be controlled, controlled adrenaline. Like I say, more is sometimes less, and less is sometimes more. And that's when, like I said, I was fortunate enough to throw those pitches that I threw in locations where you couldn't hit them.

Q. So few guys in today's game are given the opportunity to pitch a complete game shutout. Is it a big deal to you? Is it something that you wanted on your resume somewhere, anywhere?

JOSH BECKETT: Yeah, you definitely want to be the guy that they say here, here's the ball, go given us 9, like the guys when they used to. Now you've evolved into the setup guy and then the closer. So it kind of turns into a 7-inning game at the max for your starters.

Q. What does it say about this team, its resiliency, your performance today, but the whole comeback today? What does it say about this ball team?

JOSH BECKETT: The same thing we've been saying the whole time. We're not going to quit. It's not over. There's still going to be a Game 6 and a Game 7.

Q. You obviously had a lot of key at-bats, but how important was it to get Lofton in the first inning, considering how fast they've started in this series?

JOSH BECKETT: I think Ray Durham started every game off with a hit in our last series. And he's pretty fast, too. Yeah, it's always nice to get that first out, especially when you've got the adrenaline. And that goes for every inning. You always feel you have a chance, if you get the first guy out, the leadoff guy. 80 percent of leadoff guys score. I think that's true. Probably the same thing goes for leadoff hits.

Q. Can you ever remember pitching better, just in terms of command? When everything you threw up there was kind of where you wanted to throw it, how you wanted to throw it?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know, the days are so few and far between, I guess, with where you have those outings where, hey, I can locate the ball, I can throw this pitch anytime I want or this pitch whenever I want. There's not too many days. I think you ask most starters, they'll go 8 out of 10, and they'll only have one of those.

Q. Maybe nationally people look and see you haven't won ten games in your career, but there are reasons for that with the injuries and blisters, but do you expect more games such as this out of yourself?

JOSH BECKETT: Yeah, I expect a lot out of myself, just some things don't work out, whatever happens. I missed two months this year with an elbow problem. The good Lord gave me a second chance.

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