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October 3, 2000

Andy Pettitte


Q. Would you talk about the bus ride today? Were you in traffic? Is that what happened?

ANDY PETTITTE: Yeah, we were in a little bit of traffic. We took a shortcut, I guess. But it ended up taking us a little while to get here. We went through all kinds of neighborhoods or something. I don't know if it was a wreck or something, but it was backed up for miles.

Q. On route 880? Were you on the bridge?

ANDY PETTITTE: As soon as we came across the bridge, it was all backed up.

Q. Are you going to leave earlier tomorrow?

ANDY PETTITTE: No. Just as long as I can get here before the game starts, I'll be fine.

Q. Would you talk about how your regular season translates into your confidence going into tomorrow night?

ANDY PETTITTE: I don't really think that it plays a big factor, really, just because, you know, the struggles that I went through last year and stuff like that, just in the past, really, I had really not a good September last year and was able to pitch two good starts in the first two series of the playoffs, and obviously had to battle in the World Series. But the post season is so different, once you get there, it is a different game and it is a whole different situation. So I don't really put much stock into what is going on this season at all.

Q. Have you given any thought to what happened in your last start? Were you just pressing too much trying to win 20?

ANDY PETTITTE: I don't know. I really haven't tried to think about it too much. After the game, I was thinking about it, and then I realized that we clinched so I was able to just throw it right away, because everybody was in a good mood after that pretty much. But just thinking about it a little bit, I walked three guys, I don't know what happened. I may be started over throwing it a little bit. I had a really good first inning. I felt really strong. Started over throwing it a little bit and then every ball they hit was where they weren't. Obviously, the walks, when you walk the bases loaded, that gets the momentum turned, and I could not get it going back the other direction.

Q. You had some success in your two starts against the A's this year, how much of an advantage is it being a lefty against their lineup?

ANDY PETTITTE: I was pitching well both times I faced them. At that time, I was feeling really comfortable with facing left-handed batters, and I think I was doing a really good job at the time, if I recall correctly, of getting their left-handers out. So I know here the last month or so I have not faced quite as many left-handed batters, and I noticed that left-handers were hitting it a little better the last couple months or so. I think it was just a situation where I was pitching good against lefties there. Hopefully, I can get my fastball going into left-handed batters again and work both sides of the plate and have a good start.

Q. Would you talk about how much you and the other pitchers have missed Mel Stottlemyre both from a pitching coach and friendship standpoint?

ANDY PETTITTE: Well, we have obviously missed him. Obviously, he has been on our mind and stuff like that. You know, I can't say that any of our struggles as far as the pitching staff has had much to do with that. I think Billy has done a good job since he's been here. But Mel's presence, just being here, and him being a part of us when we're in this situation, he's been greatly missed, that's for sure.

Q. Looking back over the full season, analyzing it, how much has speeding up your delivery impacted your game?

ANDY PETTITTE: I think when I sped it up in spring training, it definitely helped me. You know, I think it got me in a good rhythm, got me to where I wanted to get it coming into the season. And as the season has progressed and I've felt so much more comfortable with my mechanics and stuff like that, I have really slowed it down a little bit. I could not have asked for more coming into the season, wanting to do certain things and speed up my mechanics and things worked out really nice this year.

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