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September 3, 1995

Byron Black


Q. Do you feel that some players are getting lost in the shuffle about the attention on No. 1 and No. 2?

BYRON BLACK: I don't think so. I think the Sampras/Agassi rivalry is great. It is really getting a lot of attention, obviously, but there is a lot of up-and-coming players in the Grand Slams, you know, good way to make a name for yourself. So --

Q. Do you feel like yours is something of a pioneering effort? I mean, it is not too often that people from your country have gotten this far.

BYRON BLACK: Yeah, this is my first time in the fourth round. I have had a lot of third rounds. It is nice to be in the fourth round.

Q. Is there much attention on this tournament in Zimbabwe?

BYRON BLACK: We don't get much press back home. It really comes from the British, you know, side, so, you know, there is a lot of press on Wimbledon and French Open. It is coming gradually. The further I do, the more attention it gets back there. So --

Q. You play Michael Stich in the next round. Can you describe that matchup and the last time you were up here about beating a top 10 player, you said that was the first time ever for you. What would it be like to make it two?

BYRON BLACK: That would be great. That would give me a lot of confidence. Last years I played him in the third round, so on Center Court and so I should feel a little more at home this time against him. He has got a big serve obviously and I have just got to use my strength which is my return and hopefully I can put in a good effort there.

Q. What are the keys to that matchup?

BYRON BLACK: Serve and return, basically. I have just got to try and get his serve back. He has got a big smooth serve and I have got to get it back and make him volley.

Q. As you gain in this tournament for the people who aren't that familiar with you, is it right to say "wins" for you are "upsets" at this stage?

BYRON BLACK: Well, you know, this is not my first Grand Slam. I think my last match was definitely an upset beating Thomas, but I beat him the last three times, so it is just that he has moved up into the top 10 and I guess everyone thinks it is a major upset, but I have beaten him the last couple of times before that as well. He just had a great summer and he has really jumped up in the last couple of months.

Q. Has doubles helped your overall play? What has helped lift your game?

BYRON BLACK: I think doubles for me has given me a lot of confidence and it has definitely helped me to work my serve and volley. That is what I have been lacking last couple of years; that seems to be improving.

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