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October 2, 2000

Freddy Garcia


THE MODERATOR: We have Freddy Garcia. Game 1 starter for the Mariners. If you have a question, please raise your hand. Questions please.

Q. Freddy, will you explain to us, what's been going on that you've been doing so well lately, the last month or so? What's been working for you?

FREDDY GARCIA: No, I've been working with my mechanics. I've been working on the movement of my pitches and, you know, I try to keep my mechanics good, and I try to always throw strikes. I throw my pitches any time I want, throw nice stuff. I throw my changeup.

Q. How have you done against the White Sox in the past and what are the biggest challenges you have facing them?

FREDDY GARCIA: No, I've been facing them last year, my debut, I face them. And I pitch okay. I had three wins and one loss but they are a good hitting club. They have good hitters. I have to be ready for tomorrow.

Q. Tell us about pitching against Frank Thomas.

FREDDY GARCIA: Frank Thomas, he is good hitter. You know, he knows what he wants, I have to make a good pitch to him. It's like other hitters, you have to make a good pitch to those guys no matter who is hitting, Frank Thomas or whoever.

Q. How do you feel about pitching in the first game of the post-season?

FREDDY GARCIA: You know, it's exciting for me. It's my first playoff, and we are -- I've been working. We are here. It's a good opportunity to pitch tomorrow, and I appreciate that and I'm really excited.

Q. This team hasn't had much of a chance to relax out there, taking all 162 games just to get into the playoffs. How much gas is left in the tank collectively of the team now as you start in the post-season?

FREDDY GARCIA: You know, now we are here. It's -- we keep on playing, you know. We're really happy we win. We're here and we keep on playing, and we see what happen.

Q. Do you feel any pressure on you to pitch tomorrow, your first game pitching in the playoffs?

FREDDY GARCIA: No, I feel good for tomorrow. You know, it's -- I'm ready. So it's like every game is important to me, and I'll do -- I want to do, I try to do my best. You know, pitch my game and I try to have fun.

Q. Talk a little bit about how this team has been able to sustain it for 162 games despite losing Griffey. How have you all been able to keep it together?

FREDDY GARCIA: He is a very good player, but so is Alex, Edgar, and Mike Cameron, you know. We've been working all along. We been working, and that's why, you know, we are here. Everybody's working together and we try to win every night. So I think this team is pretty good, you know. We've got good players.

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