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October 15, 2000

Glendon Rusch


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Glendon Rusch.

Q. Can you talk about the mental transition between being a starter all year and going into the bullpen?

GLENDON RUSCH: I just have to show up every day with the attitude that I'm going to be in the game, and have a chance. I know my spots early in the game. If we need somebody in the middle innings. Today and yesterday, as well, we did. So I just have to stay ready at all times.

Q. Is there anything different, obviously you've been starting the year, then to come in in the middle of an inning with runners on base and in this case a couple guys in scoring position? How do you get yourself in that mindset?

GLENDON RUSCH: I just told myself yesterday and today to come in with a clean slate and try and make my pitches and get outs one at a time. I tried not to worry about the guys there today. The last thing we need is for that to turn into a big inning.

Q. A year ago you were in the Kansas City organization, Triple A. Can you talk about what it means to get this opportunity a year later? Not only get the opportunity, but take advantage of it like you have, the post-season.

GLENDON RUSCH: That's tremendous. It's been a great chance for me to come over here and everyone here has had nothing but confidence in me from spring training on, and it's been great. I've talked all year about how important it's been to be around the veterans that I am on this team, and Al Leiter and Hampton and Reed and those guys, and all the way on down the line. It just has helped me tremendously to get a chance to learn from them and watch how they go about their business every day.

Q. Sixth inning, you're pitching to Hernandez, when you saw (Mark) McGwire was in the on-deck circle, and did that affect the way you pitched to (Carlos)Hernandez?

GLENDON RUSCH: I knew he was coming out on deck. I was just trying to go after Hernandez the best I could. Obviously I don't want to face McGwire in a chance where he can take the lead with one swing of the bat. I had to face him the day before, you only can use your luck up on him so many times on him, the way he swings the bat. I was fortunate Todd(Zeile) made an awesome play on that play up the first base line.

Q. How do you bounce back from yesterday?

GLENDON RUSCH: Not too bad. I felt okay. Tonight, when I got up in the pen, I got ready fairly quick and I didn't throw too many pitches yesterday so I felt pretty good out there tonight.

Q. Do you anticipate, when you guys come to the park tomorrow, you're one win away from going to the series, do you anticipate there being any more of a special feeling in the clubhouse when you guys are going about your business trying to get ready for the game?

GLENDON RUSCH: I think everybody knows it. We're just 27 good outs away from being in the World Series. I don't think anybody's going to come in here tomorrow with their head down or we're going to be ready to go. It's a great opportunity for everybody on this team, and we've done it together, a great team, we've stuck together all year. We bounced back today in a great way, being down and having a chance to take this lead 3-1. We really bounced back after getting beat up a little bit yesterday.

Q. - What has enabled you to do as well as you've done this year, coming from Kansas City and finding a spot on this team?

GLENDON RUSCH: I think opportunity is always the main thing. I've come over here and these guys have given me a chance to pitch every five days and had confidence in me. So I've gone out and taken advantage of it and tried to learn and gain more experience as the year goes on.

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