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October 15, 2000

John Olerud


Q. When Bernie caught your ball in centerfield, robbing you of the home run, going back to the dugout, was there a snake-pit feeling going on with the offensive struggles?

JOHN OLERUD: I don't know. That's a good question. It's definitely discouraging when you hit a ball well and somebody makes a great play on you. I don't know. I think sometimes thoughts like that have a natural tendency to creep in. But I think you've got to give the guy some credit. He kept coming out, kept swinging the bat, and then to have a really big inning there.

Q. When Alex got his hit, what was the feeling in the dugout?

JOHN OLERUD: That's a good question. I know that everybody is real pumped when we got those two runs across and we took the lead. I know everybody is real excited; we got the runs in. That was definitely what we needed. I'm sure that's what everybody is thinking; that that was the big hit that we've been looking for this whole series. We just haven't done real well with men in scoring position. So to have Alex step up and get the big hit and drive in those runs, I think that was a big relief for everybody.

Q. Lou was just saying that even though, after you guys won today, that the pressure is clearly on the Yankees. Do you agree with that? And do you enjoy being in the position of being an underdog?

JOHN OLERUD: Well, as far as enjoying being in this position, we'd rather not be down to where we have to win. But I think right now, we're really in a no-lose situation. Down 3-1 against this ballclub. I don't think there's a whole lot of people that would give us a chance to be able to come back. So we've really got nothing to lose. And I feel like if we put a couple of good games together, we've got a real good shot.

Q. Is El Duque the type of guy that you can take anything from the last game that you faced him?

JOHN OLERUD: Well, I think, now, having seen him here recently, you remember how he pitched you in those games. He's very unpredictable. He's got three or four really good pitches that he can throw at any time. He's got good control and can throw them all for strikes. He can really mix it up however he wants to. It helps having seen him and having some at-bats against him. But just because he pitched you one way the last time doesn't necessarily mean he's going to pitch you the same way this time.

Q. You are still wearing your helmet. Is that a reflection of how well you were swinging the bat today? Can't wait to get in there again?

JOHN OLERUD: No, that's a reflection of I just have not gone back to my locker yet.

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