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October 15, 2000

Edgar Martinez


Q. When Alex got his hit, did you feel like the mojo had been released?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: We felt some relief. That was the biggest hit, probably, of the game, and he came through. It helps everybody relax a little bit.

Q. Nelson had struck you out the other night. When you went up there this time, were you trying to be more aggressive early in the count against him?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: Yes, I wanted to be more aggressive and just look on an area and try to just make hard contact. But he can be tough. He's got great control with all of his pitches, and he can throw them anytime.

Q. Edgar, did you think that they would walk A-Rod to pitch to you, or were you surprised when they pitched to A-Rod?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: I was thinking two scenarios. I thought that they could go either way -- either have Neagle walk Alex and bring Neagle to me, but it's a tough decision that the manager has to make. Behind me, if I don't hit into a double play, Olerud is still behind me. That's the way -- it is a tough situation.

Q. Does getting one hit the previous night by Roger Clemens have any impact on how you prepare or any effect on the attitude going into the next game?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: I think that you have to approach the two pitchers differently. Like Roger is a power pitcher; and Neagle is pretty much finesse, he moves the ball around and keeps you off-balance. It is a different approach that you have to take. But not because Roger, the way he pitched last night, it didn't have any effects. It's just that you have to approach him differently.

Q. Considering that you guys have not been getting timely hits the last few games, when you only got one run out of the first inning, was that a concern at all?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: We knew it was early in the game. Yes, we had some trouble scoring runs, but we were positive and we were hoping for another big inning, and it happened in the fifth.

Q. Did you think that A-Rod distracted Nelson on first base?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: I don't know if he got distracted, but when Alex hits him first, he's always a threat of stealing, and he needed to pay more attention to Alex because you just have to keep him close. And that can help the hitter at times, but Nelson has been in that situation many times. The steal would be tough. I don't think he was that distracted. I think his location was probably not where he wanted it to be at that time.

Q. Lou said that you guys did not have batting practice today. Is this a trend for the future?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: I don't know if we're going to have batting practice when we get to New York. But the way we've been swinging the bat, I think it's good to just relax and go from there to the game; and it worked today.

Q. El Duque is tough on right-handed hitters. Can you give a right-handed hitter's perspective on what you're going to face on Tuesday night?

EDGAR MARTINEZ: That's true. He's very tough. The way he pitched last time we faced him, he really was very tough. I know he uses the ball to slide off the plate; his slider, he can use it any time. His delivery, also, is tough on right-handers. Hopefully, we can have a good game against him and create some runs.

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