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October 15, 2000

Alex Rodriguez


Q. Did you give any thought before the game that this might be your last home Mariners game?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Obviously, I think last night for the first time it hit me. I had a hard time sleeping a little bit; because, you know, you might be facing the end, and you don't know really what the future holds fore me. And for the most part in the season, I've been able to put that behind me and worry about the present. But for the first time last night, I had a hard time sleeping about the possibilities that this could be maybe it.

Q. Is it a little odd situation where you are trying to focus on winning a game, and at the same time you're also thinking about remembering things because you might be leaving?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: It's been very easy for me to focus this year. I've come in very determined with a goal in mind. Like I said, yesterday, for the first time, I had some thoughts creeping into my mind. But I finally got a couple hours of sleep and got ready for the game.

Q. Given all you were thinking about, how big was that hit in the fifth inning?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: It was big, obviously. We're down 2-1; we have not really had too many big hits in this series, obviously, with the amount of runs that we've scored. I guess, like Jeff Nelson, it showed how important a situation it was for Joe to bring him in that early in the game. I was looking for a pitch, and I got it. A big hit.

Q. A couple days ago, Lou generically was talking about how great players at this stage struggle because they try so hard to make an impact at any time in this series. Has that applied to you?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You know, I felt that a little bit in September, because I felt an obligation as one of the leaders of this team to get this team to post-season. But for some reason, this post-season, I've been very relaxed and I felt quite at home. I haven't felt that, to be really honest with you. Perhaps against Roger last night, it looked like I was a little nervous, but he was just dominant. He dominated all of us last night. But, no.

Q. How much did you think in the fifth inning that they might walk you even with Edgar behind you; and when they didn't, how much were you thinking of jumping on the first pitch?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, the thought never really crossed my mind. With Edgar behind me, I have known the success that he's had against the Yankees. He's been a Yankee killer over the years. So I felt that I wanted to be aggressive. I didn't want to put myself in a vulnerable position with two strikes, where Jeff Nelson can do many things with that sweeping slider or that sinker in on your hands. My main goal was to stay inside on the ball, and two was a big bonus.

Q. You've had more success against the left-handed starter in this series. Going into Game 6 against Hernandez, what are you going to have to do?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, pray a lot, for one. He's a great pitcher. We've had a little success against him this year early in the year, and he had success against us last time in New York. But he's going to be ready. I think the way you attack him is that you have to be aggressive. You have to be selective. But he's going to give you a pitch to hit. We just want to get it to Game 7 and extend it somehow, some way, and make it a little difficult on these New Yorkers.

Q. On first base in the fifth inning, do you feel that you distracted Nelson with Edgar at the plate?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I'm not sure. Jeff Nelson can be very slow or he can be very fast to the plate. I was ready to go every pitch. And if he would have given me the leg kick, I was gone. But he kept slide-stepping. And perhaps, just perhaps, he threw a fastball over the plate where he didn't want it, but I'm not sure.

Q. If this does turn out to be your last game here, what kind of way is this to go out?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I'm not sure. I think it's good that we finished with a victory. Obviously, in your mind you would like to think that we're going to have another chance to play here. But the one thing I am sure of is you don't want any team celebrating on your field, if, indeed, it is going to be your last game. You don't want anybody celebrating on your field.

Q. With all of the circumstances, is it the uncertainty, is it frightening, too, do I go, do I stay, is it better someplace else? Is this the best place? What cooks in your head?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You're right. Obviously, you become a bit apprehensive about the possibilities. And my mom has always told me, "Sometimes it's not greener on the other side." That's something that when it is all said and done, I'm going to sit down and have a talk with my loved ones and hopefully make a wise decision.

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