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October 13, 2000

Andy Pettitte


Q. Could you talk about your repeated ability to make quality pitches in critical situations, and do you have a specific pitch that you like to rely on in those situations?

ANDY PETTITTE: Well, I throw -- I think I throw a lot of fastballs in and a lot of cutters in, which I rely on a lot. But they had a pretty good approach on me, and we had to make some adjustments during the middle of the game, and I was able to go to a couple other pitches. I was able to use my changeup to get some big outs for me, and that was really the key for me, I think.

Q. What were those adjustments?

ANDY PETTITTE: I didn't really do a good job in my last start against Oakland to see what they were trying to do. But early, every ball I threw in, they were clearing pretty good on it and trying to get the head out, and we were getting a lot of base hits on some fastballs in, usually which I'm jamming people, and I was able to use both sides of the plate. Went more with some sinkers and changeups away, and tried to keep them honest a little bit better like that. And that's why I was able to get into a little bit better rhythm after the third or fourth inning there.

Q. What did you throw A-Rod? It looked like it was up a little bit.

ANDY PETTITTE: I'm not real sure. What at-bat?

Q. Two on in the sixth, and he popped up.

ANDY PETTITTE: Okay. That was just a fastball in, and probably the highest fly ball I've ever seen in my life. Probably came close to hitting that ball out of the park if he gets on it a little bit more.

Q. Would you say the Rickey Henderson at-bat in the second was a big one in the game?

ANDY PETTITTE: Yeah, that was obviously a big point. I was in so much trouble early, I felt like I was having to make pitches the whole time early there. But I think we had scored two, and I think we were up 2-1 there, and just to be able to hold the lead right there and let us put another run on, I think the next inning or maybe the fourth to make it 3-1, that was definitely a big out to not let them tie it back up right there.

Q. What do you guys, meaning the pitchers, think when you see Mo Rivera throwing to the hitters and watching him saw them off?

ANDY PETTITTE: It's just been amazing just to watch Mariano pitch up here. I think every year you come in and people say, "Well, he's got to come up with another pitch," you just can't keep throwing fastballs. But when you're throwing a 95-mile-an-hour fastball, that's cutting five or six inches or so. It's amazing. You know, you get spoiled with him. The guy just comes in and just doesn't give up runs and gets huge outs when you have to have them, and it has just been amazing to see what he's been able to do in the post-season.

Q. Chipper Jones laughed at Klesko last year in the World Series, that Rivera broke three bats in a row. Do you guys laugh when you see him do that?

ANDY PETTITTE: Well, you know, you hate to sit there and laugh or whatever. Sometimes it's comical, but you realize that these guys are big-league hitters, too, and if Mo makes a mistake they are going to hit the ball. But again, it's just amazing seeing a great left-hander with such a great fastball.

Q. What were the location of those two balls that Henderson broke bats on?

ANDY PETTITTE: They were balls in, fastballs in. The one at-bat where he hit the double, that was a fastball away that I left up a little bit.

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