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October 11, 2000

Orlando Hernandez


Q. This game was very similar to the first game in Atlanta last year where you had to pitch and nobody was scoring. Do you feel as though you've got to pitch a shutout?

ORLANDO HERNANDEZ: No. I believe in my team a lot. And to think that way would be to think negative, and I think positive, and I believe that I'm going to do my job and hold the other team, and our hitters are going to do their job and score some runs.

Q. When you say you believe the team is going to come through for you, when you're pitching a game like this and you're not getting any runs, are you talking to them on the bench? Are you saying to them --

ORLANDO HERNANDEZ: We all speak and we all encourage each other, but I don't involve myself in their job. It's a completely different job than mine. I don't know how to hit.

Q. In the past you have always said that every game is important, you want to win every game, but in the post-season it seems like there's greater strength and more tenacity; is that so?

ORLANDO HERNANDEZ: As I've said before, to me, every game is pretty much the same and I'm going to prepare the same exact way for every game and try to win.

Q. How will you celebrate your birthday?

ORLANDO HERNANDEZ: I'm going to celebrate by flying to Seattle with my teammates and enjoy today's victory.

Q. Do you have an understanding of 7-0 in the post-season from a historical standpoint, what that means?

ORLANDO HERNANDEZ: I don't look for stats. I didn't know that stat. I really focus on doing my job and helping my team and I really don't pay attention to the records or stats. Maybe one day when I retire, I'll look.

Q. Have you ever felt pressure playing baseball, because these are supposed to be pressure games and you always seem to respond to that?

ORLANDO HERNANDEZ: Every day, even when I work out. There's always pressure. We're all human. You just have to know how to deal with it and battle and try to do your job.

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