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October 11, 2000

Lou Piniella


Q. Are you concerned about the lack of offense?

LOU PINIELLA: Well, El Duque threw the ball pretty well today. He really did. He was especially tough on our right-handed hitters. We've got to score more runs, that's for sure. But give some credit to their pitching.

Q. Is there any explanation why a pitcher like Rhodes can be so successful against so many clubs but against one team like the Yankees --?

LOU PINIELLA: That was today here in New York. Hopefully in Seattle -- he's a key guy in our bullpen for us. He's been that way all year and he's going to have to feel these left-handed hitters out. Justice started, got a ball up to him and hit it off the wall and it escalated from there. But we've got all of the confidence in the world that he will have success in the rest of the series.

Q. Do you think that with the eighth inning that the Yankees had, it is like letting a dormant giant up when you had him down?

LOU PINIELLA: Let's hope not.

Q. You have frequently gone to Ibanez for late-inning defense. Did you think about that today?

LOU PINIELLA: It was a 1-0 ballgame. Sure I did. It was a 1-0 ballgame -- yeah, I thought about it, I'll be honest with you.

Q. Any sense of shock at how quickly all of that happened?

LOU PINIELLA: They are very capable. They have got some good bats in that lineup. They scored seven quick runs, but at the same time, we shut them out for seven innings, so let's hope that that is the norm.

Q. You had two second-year pitchers come in here in the playoffs and shut them out for 27 innings; you've got to feel really happy about that.

LOU PINIELLA: I feel good about our situation. We came in here, really wanting to split. We got in a position to win two ballgames. It didn't happen. But now we go back to our home ballpark, a good match up Friday with Sele and Pettitte, and then we are pitching Abbott on Saturday and coming back with Garcia on Sunday. It is a shame this one got away, but there's nothing wrong coming into your opponent's ballpark and splitting with them.

Q. Is there any carryover from an inning like that?

LOU PINIELLA: I hope not. Listen, there's a new ballgame on Friday and we have got a different pitcher on the mound.

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