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October 11, 2000

Jeanne Stottlemyer


Q. Can you tell us how Mel is feeling?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: He is feeling great. He's feeling really good.

Q. Has he been able to watch the games?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: He watches all of them.

Q. How are you doing?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: Thanks for asking. I'm doing great. I really am.

Q. How would you describe his spirits, just in general?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: His spirits, they are great. With his counts coming up and everything, and with all of that doing so well, it makes him -- he feels super. He just wants to be back here.

Q. How did it feel to be out on the pitching mound?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: I'm still shaking. (Laughs).

Q. When did the Yankees ask you to do that?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: I believe it was two days ago.

Q. Did you practice?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: Up against the wall. (Laughter.)

Q. How long was Mel out of the home getting treatment?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: Do you mean at the hospital?

Q. Yes.

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: He was there right at three weeks.

Q. There's been talk that he might want to try to come back during the post-season, and how is his prognosis?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: The prognosis is great. We take it a week at a time. As far as him coming back, there is a possibility that if we could get in the World Series that he may be back here. I don't think he could travel with the team because they don't really want him flying for a couple months, but there's a good chance. We hope.

Q. How is the rest of your family? Are your sons around now?

JEANNE STOTTLEMYRE: They are not right now, no. Mel, Jr. was with us the whole time his dad was in the hospital. Todd was in and out two different times. He would have been here, except he had to have surgery.

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