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November 15, 2001

Andrew Coltart

Dean Robertson


GORDON SIMPSON: Okay, everyone. Well, Andy, Dean, you played well today, 10-under par. Of course, both of you played for Scotland before in the World Cup. But Dean, this format is new to you from what you played a couple of years ago. How do you feel about your performance today?

DEAN ROBERTSON: I think today we would have settled for, 6-under or 5-under, but 10-under was a bonus. We got off to a great start. I holed a putt from off the green on the first and chipped it close for birdie on 3 and that gave us a momentum. And whenever I was making a birdie, Andrew was invariably having his off hole and when he made a birdie, invariably I was having my off hole. So, we combined very well today.

GORDON SIMPSON: Dean, maybe the only disappointment was not holing the last one. What did you hit into the last hole?

DEAN ROBERTSON: On hole No. 18, I hit a 5-wood from a divot. And to be honest, I was only trying to hit it into the middle of the green. Then I knocked it to six feet but I mis-hit the putt. It would have been a lovely way to finish a lovely day, but unfortunately, it wasn't. And we are under no illusions that it is going to be difficult tomorrow with foursomes; that's new for me, and I look forward to it.

GORDON SIMPSON: Okay. We'll open up to questions now.

Q. You said yesterday you weren't playing very well and -- you birdied all four of the par 5's today. What was the difference?

DEAN ROBERTSON: I managed to hit onto two of them in regulation, which was hole No. 6 and hole No. 18. I hit it on in two to give myself eagle opportunities and both of them, 3 and No. 11, I wedged it to within a foot of the hole, both times from about 30 yards short of the green. So, that was a big bonus. As far as my game was concerned, I would not say my ball striking was any better than 50, 60 percent but my scoring ability is 110 percent.

Q. Compared to the practice round, how has the golf course changed from the first day to today? How are the course conditions and the greens' condition comparing?

ANDREW COLTART: The golf course is very similar. It has not changed much in terms of condition-wise. It's still in fantastic condition and the greens are very nice. The fairways are in great condition, as well. Possibly, fortunately, from our point of view, the tee was up on 16 or whatever. The course could quite easily be set up for the long hitters, I think. The changes they have made to the golf course, has certainly made it, believe it or not despite what we scored, more beneficial to the long hitters. But fortunately, 16 tee was far up and we managed to play the other holes quite well. So those changes are a little bit harder, but we managed to get through the day okay.

Q. You guys know each other; how close are you?

DEAN ROBERTSON: For 15 years.

ANDREW COLTART: We actually attended the same junior college in America. Boys Youth Golf in Scotland, and then a college in America when we went there. So we've actually seen quite a bit of one another.

DEAN ROBERTSON: He's older than me.

ANDREW COLTART: He looks older than me. (Laughs).

Q. How long have you stayed in the States?


Q. When you play the European Tour, do you go out all of the time together?

DEAN ROBERTSON: Occasionally, but not very often.

Q. Why did you pick him as a teammate?

ANDREW COLTART: I didn't pick him. It's just the rulings of the selection process, yeah.

Q. The Sweden team played well today. That made some -- helped to move up your position just a little bit?

DEAN ROBERTSON: I think both Scotland and Sweden were feeding from one another. We're all good friends. We play on the European Tour together. We feel comfortable with one another; and whenever we made a birdie they would also make a birdie. On 18, they made a beautiful eagle and it was just unfortunate that I managed to miss the putt, but we kind of worked -- fed off one another.

Q. Tomorrow the game style changes to foursome. What is the most important thing to play tomorrow's round?

ANDREW COLTART: I think foursomes is a completely different game from the individual. It's just important to not make erratic decisions and to play quite sensibly and to sit down and probably discuss how you are going to play certain holes like that. Obviously, it's a completely opposite game to the one where you just go or everything today. Tomorrow is a lot more conservative.

Q. Have you decided who is going to play the odd holes and tee-shot-wise, the evens?

ANDREW COLTART: Dean said on 18 that he wanted the even holes. (Laughs).

DEAN ROBERTSON: And if it doesn't work tomorrow, we'll flip on the last day.

ANDREW COLTART: That was the length of the discussion. (Laughs).

Q. How far is your driving distance average?

ANDREW COLTART: Not far enough. (Laughter.) I don't know, I'm probably about maybe 280.

DEAN ROBERTSON: I'm about the same. Maybe a little bit further.

ANDREW COLTART: It will be interesting to see how that compares to Tiger and David, I think.

Q. To some of the players, today's weather might feel a little bit cold, but for the Scotland team, it's no problem at all?

DEAN ROBERTSON: This is perfect. This is like summer. (Laughter.)

Q. So it can get a little bit cooler?


GORDON SIMPSON: Thanks very much.

End of FastScripts....

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