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March 12, 2003

Mike Brey

Dan Miller


COACH BREY: I thought it is a tough hole to dig out of when you are down like that. I thought we missed some stuff around the bucket early in the game that maybe could have got us going a little bit. It was a little deflating. They shot it extremely well. I thought Ingram was kind of an X-factor; he just made big shots and played furiously. I am very proud of our group to give us a chance to win the basketball game. But it was just too much after hole to dig out of and certainly the offensive board was an Achilles heal for us today.

Q. Getting some rhythm on offense --

COACH BREY: I think we got a couple of stops. We actually got a couple of stops and they missed a couple of shots and we're able to defensive rebound and maybe get something in transition. I thought Chris did a great job controlling the tempo of the game and giving us opportunities on the offensive end. But probably three stops in a row or three misses at least gaves you a little life there at some point between the 17-minute mark and the 14-minute mark.

Q. You seemed to have good success driving to the basket in the second half. What did they do differently.

DAN MILLER: More aggressive, driving the ball in the second half and I think we just moved the ball a lot better in the second half. We didn't force them many shots, helped us defensively as well. When we're patient on offense it helps our defense. We don't give up easy transition baskets like we did in the first half.

Q. Were you trying to do anything different today coming out?

COACH BREY: We changed our starting lineup we did for the Georgetown game Torrian Jones went in for the lineup for the first time in a while for Jordan Cornette. I still didn't think we started off great in the Georgetown game we were down 7 but we were able to overcame that. Started Jordan Cornette the second half so I think we're searching for that. Even though you know, we didn't get out of the gate great offensively, we just got to do a better job on the defense , you know, on the back board. That was deflating when they got a couple of two, three, four chances on that board.

Q. Mike, a little lull in the season -- (inaudible) .

COACH BREY: Maybe a little bit. I do think though that we're looking forward to Sunday night. We're looking forward, we're excited and proud that we'll play in the NCAA tournament. It may be refreshing to get out of this league now. They have got us figured out in the league so I think it's kind of good to get out of this league. But I also think it's good we don't play for a week. We could use a little bit of a rest; then we'll tune it back up.

Q. The two missed free throws in the end?

COACH BREY: He was fabulous. That's where we would have to win it, right there. He makes that, 3 point play, that's one of those where you steal it. That's how you are going to steal the win. But we had a similar situation in the Syracuse game where we came back, Chris had a great look it went in and out. It's almost like you don't deserve it because you haven't played consistent enough for 40 minutes and the basketball gods say: Not today, you are not stealing it today. I thought Torin was fabulous. I don't want him hanging his head on the free throws. He continues to improve for us.

Q. After Hatten missed the second free throw and you get the ball back, is that what you wanted to do rush up in the court --

COACH BREY: If we got the rebound cleanly I was going to try and use the timeout because I think he shot it with about 8 point something but we didn't get the rebound with 7. The thing bobbled around for a while and by the time Matt got it I think we had to race it and try and get something. Him shooting a runner right there, that's probably -- I will live with that, you know, given we couldn't get our hands on it. If we got it clean I was going to use a time out. We didn't. By the time I think we got it was about three or four seconds left.

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