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October 14, 2001

Freddy Garcia


Q. As you were pitching so well, Colon pitching so well, yet you are down 1-0, but entering the seventh, was there any sense of tension?

FREDDY GARCIA: I was pitching pretty good. I was trying to keep the game close because I know we were going to score some runs some time, and we did. We try to play hard every inning we go out there.

Q. Would you like to pitch to Ichiro with a runner on second and two outs?

FREDDY GARCIA: He's the guy. He knows how to steal a base, you have to pay attention to him and be careful with him. You have to pay attention to the hitter or you can lose your concentration by looking at him. You have to pitch and try to get the hitter. There's nothing you can do, because he's good, and, what can you do.

Q. Your thoughts after Gonzalez hit that home run, how did you settle down after that?

FREDDY GARCIA: You know, I made a mistake. I threw a breaking pitch in the middle, I was trying to pitch it away, and he hit it pretty good. I was feeling good. You know, 1-0, it isn't over yet, so just keep going and playing.

Q. Did you feel like you could not give up anymore runs with the way Colon was pitching?

FREDDY GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. He was pitching a great game, and today. Okay, one run and that's enough, and I just try to keep the game close until my teammates can do something.

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