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October 22, 2001

Freddy Garcia


Q. Can you tell us if the mood in the clubhouse is any different today than it was yesterday or the day before?

FREDDY GARCIA: No. I think right now, we think the same thing right now. Everybody, we've got to win tonight. There's no tomorrow. We've got to go out tonight and our team, we're 3-1, so I think we're confident we can win tonight to take it back to our house.

Q. What's the feeling of being in Yankee Stadium during the post-season where so much has happened in the past?

FREDDY GARCIA: You know, there's a lot of things going on here in New York. So, you know, I think what happened, but right now, we need to win. I don't know.

Q. What are the fans like here?

FREDDY GARCIA: The fans are the same, crazy. (Laughter.) Crazy. They support the team.

Q. Is it the regular season success, the 116 wins, that gives the team such confidence or is it something deeper the guys are feeling?

FREDDY GARCIA: The regular season is over. We won 116 games, but that's over. Now we are on a different level right now. It's the playoffs and we've got to win.

Q. Freddy, if you had been asked to pitch today, could you have?

FREDDY GARCIA: Oh, I could have. I'd be ready for tonight. I'll be ready if something happens.

Q. What's it like sitting here not knowing whether you are going to get a chance to pitch or not in Game 6?

FREDDY GARCIA: You know, I don't like to feel that way, to watch. There's nothing I can do. I'd like to be out there, but sometimes it's not going to happen. We'll see what happens tonight.

Q. Given the regular season that you guys had and all of the confidence that you had coming into the post-season, could you have envisioned being in this position where this could be your last game of the season tonight?

FREDDY GARCIA: Like I said before, anything can happen during the playoffs. When you clinch, you've got to play at a different level in the playoff. Anything can happen -- in a short series, anything can happen.

Q. What did you take from your first start that you would like to repeat or improve?

FREDDY GARCIA: If I have a chance to pitch, hopefully, but it will be the same way, pitch my game and throw a lot of strikes, because I know those guys can hit. Try to do the same thing I do every time.

Q. I don't know if you've been asked this, but what do you remember about the trade, going from Houston to Seattle and what did you know about the Mariners after you found out about the trade?

FREDDY GARCIA: I don't know anything like -- too much about the Mariners. I was in Houston for a few years, but I didn't know anything. I was surprised, and I am happy to be here, and they gave me the opportunity to pitch.

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