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October 17, 2001

Aaron Sele


Q. During the regular season and in seasons past you usually get a lot of run support, but in the post-season, it's been a little bit different. Is it frustrating for you to have this happen again? You pitch well but don't get any run support?

AARON SELE: No. In the playoffs, you are facing the best teams and the best pitchers. You just keep it close and look what Andy did to us today, he pitched great and he's really the key to that ballgame.

Q. Did you have a little trouble adjusting to the strike zone, especially in the first few innings?

AARON SELE: No. I think I was just -- my fastball was running off the plate a little bit. You know, I just didn't pull put it on the plate as much as I needed to early in the game.

Q. You must have had a pretty good view of the play at second on Posada's double. Did you think Ichiro had gotten him there?

AARON SELE: I'm pretty biased. But it's a bang-bang play. I don't know. I was right there backing it up, but obviously, I'm real biased towards that call. (Laughs).

Q. The fastball that O'Neill hit out looked like it was right down the middle. What were you trying to do to that pitch?

AARON SELE: I was trying to get it out and down. I knew he was going to try to hook it and I threw the two-seamer and it didn't move.

Q. When Andy is pitching a game like that, how much more pressure does it put on you out there?

AARON SELE: Oh, it puts a lot of pressure on the opposing pitcher. You've got to go out and you've got to keep it close; that's your job. When he's shutting you down like that, you know that one run might be the difference. You might have to keep it that close.

Q. Chuck Knoblauch got a couple of flare hits off you. For a leadoff hitter getting on base, how important is that for the opposite team against you or any other pitcher when that leadoff runner gets on base?

AARON SELE: I think you can look at it, the leadoff runner of any inning, any time they get on base, whether it's a walk or a hit it puts pressure on the pitcher.

Q. After Cleveland, do you feel better that you went out and kept it close and gave your team a chance to win?

AARON SELE: That's my job. I mean, you just go out and try to do that. The Cleveland start is in the past. I mean, I don't even think about that.

Q. Just the attitude of the ballclub coming into the next round with this series?

AARON SELE: Really, the same attitude we have had all year. We know it's going to be a tough series. We both played five-game series. We just come out and play hard. It's team -- whether they win or lose, the next day they come out and they work hard, taking their swings, taking their ground balls or lifting their weights, doing whatever they need to do, but they play hard every day.

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