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October 17, 2001

Freddy Garcia


Q. Q. Have you pitched on three days' rest this season, and how do you feel about pitching on three days' rest?

FREDDY GARCIA: You know, I feel pretty good because I pitched last Sunday and I only threw 80 pitches. I think I'll be all right. That's the first time I had to do that this season but I think I will be all right.

Q. Q. Can you talk about facing the Yankees lineup and the difficulties and challenges?

FREDDY GARCIA: Like everybody knows, they have got a pretty good lineup. They hit -- those guys, they know how to play and they are pretty good. You've got to be aggressive and throw a lot of strikes at them and see what happens.

Q. Q. Were you able to pay any attention to the way that the Oakland pitchers approached them in the last series; were you able to learn anything from the way they went about things?

FREDDY GARCIA: The Oakland pitchers, they are pretty good pitchers. They pitched good to them. They led the series; they throw a lot of strike in, they throw a lot of fastballs in, a lot of changeups. Maybe that's going to happen tomorrow.

Q. Q. Have you ever pitched on three days' rest in your life or in your career?

FREDDY GARCIA: Yeah, I've pitched before. Not this year, but I've pitched before on three days' rest.

Q. Q. About how many times have you pitched on three days' rest and how do things generally go in those outings?

FREDDY GARCIA: Maybe two or three times. From what I remember, I throw three times and that's it.

Q. Q. How did it go?

FREDDY GARCIA: All right. (Smiles).

Q. Q. Were you part of the decision to pitch on three days' rest or did Lou just come to you and say, "Freddy, you're going in Game 2." Or did you guys talk it over and discuss it?

FREDDY GARCIA: No, they told me, they asked me if I was fine, and I said, "Yes, I want to pitch. And I feel pretty good about it."

Q. Q. How does your routine change missing a day or two?

FREDDY GARCIA: No, there's no change, really. Yesterday, I throw in the bullpen and I'm fine.

Q. Q. Do you reflect on the way you beat the Yankees last year in the playoffs and how you did that; are you going to try to do it the same way?

FREDDY GARCIA: You know, I go out there and try to do the best I can -- that I can do and try to pitch a good game. There's nothing -- it's no different. It's another game.

Q. Q. In the United States, the Yankees, a lot of people tend to really love them or really hate them. Growing up in Venezuela, is there much knowledge of the Yankees, feelings for them or against them?

FREDDY GARCIA: In Venezuela, they have a fans in Venezuela, I think everywhere.

Q. Q. Are you throwing the ball as well as you have all year, and do you feel as good as you have?

FREDDY GARCIA: I feel pretty good. The last couple times I've thrown the ball, I feel strong and I feel like I've got good command to my pitches. I feel pretty good.

Q. Q. I was just wondering if your arm is a little more tired. Do you have any more movement on the ball? Sometimes pitchers say when their arm is tired the ball actually moves a little more.

FREDDY GARCIA: Right now I feel fine. I don't feel tired. I feel strong. I've got a lot of movement on my ball right now. We'll see what happens.

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