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October 16, 2001

Aaron Sele


Q. Aaron, how much have you been looking forward to getting backup on the hill in Game 1?

AARON SELE: You always look forward to pitching in the post-season. You know, we're excited, we had a tough series in Cleveland. We're excited to be here. We're excited to go back out and play another game.

Q. The experience you guys had last year in the ALCS, what can you take from that series bringing you into this series?

AARON SELE: I think any time you have experience in whatever situation you're facing, I mean, it breeds a little bit of confidence, because you've seen some of the things before. There's not -- the first time you ever come into the media room like this, you don't really know what to expect. Once you've been there, you know what to expect. I think it's just that kind of case. We know what to expect. It's a big series, and I think we'll just go out and play good baseball.

Q. Does it feel almost just fitting that the road to the World Series has to go through New York?

AARON SELE: Actually, it does. They are a great ballclub. They are defending champions. You know, you expect to have to go through the best teams to get to the World Series if you're going to make it.

Q. What did you learn about the character of your team winning these two must-win games against Cleveland?

AARON SELE: I mean, really, it's been our character all year long, not to worry about what's happened in the game before us. You know, win or lose, we come out and the guys are here early. They are doing whatever they need to do to prepare to win that game that day, and that's -- I think the biggest thing we learn is we don't change, we don't change in the post-season. We lost a couple tough games; we came right back out and won the next day. The biggest thing was we didn't change.

Q. Does the strength of your bullpen affect the way you pitch as a starter, knowing what you have behind you?

AARON SELE: No, it doesn't change the way I pitch. I'm still trying to go out there and pitch, seven, eighth innings. But it's also nice to know that you don't have to pitch seven or eight innings to win.

Q. You personally have had a lot of seasons ended in a row by the Yankees. Are you getting pretty tired by that and how meaningful would it be?

AARON SELE: Well it would be meaningful because we would get to the World Series. That's the end goal of every season is to get to the World Series. The fact that we have going through the best teams in baseball to get to the World Series is one of the reason why the teams that I've been on have stopped at the Yankees; they have been the best team.

Q. Did you think the hook was used too early, and does it affect you at all, knowing you have that little time to work on a start?

AARON SELE: It doesn't change my approach at all. Especially now that it's Game 1, compared to Game 3, the scenarios are totally different. Does it bother me? No. Pitching, defense and hitting are the three things that you have to have to win the game. We didn't have any of the three; so might as well change one to see if we can get one of the other two to settle down. It doesn't affect us at all.

Q. You've seen a lot of the Yankees the last few years. Does it look like they have slowed down or age has shown a bit?

AARON SELE: That age is showing? They have three World Series rings in the last few years. I don't think anything has changed.

Q. Do you think you have anything to prove after Cleveland, you personally?


Q. Well, with two innings ...


Q. Would you talk about having your full infield behind you? Lou said it sounds like Guillen is going to be back; what that means to have him behind you?

AARON SELE: Well, pitchers rely on defense so much and our defense has been so good all year long with Carlos there. McLemore has done a wonderful job filling in at all positions, second, short, third and left. Wherever he plays, he's excellent. But Carlos is your everyday shortstop, and I think, you know, having him, if he is there, I don't really know, obviously. You guys have spoke with Lou. He's outstanding. He's an outstanding defensive shortstop and that makes us maybe just a little bit better, especially when you're able to use McLemore as a situational guy and maybe off the bench as a switch-hitter, or whatever; or starting him in left one day, depending what the scenarios are. It gives Lou a little bit more options.

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