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November 3, 2001

Randy Johnson


RANDY JOHNSON: Let's get something straight here. Curt never has a quiet moment. The day he pitches or the day he doesn't pitch. (Laughter.)

Q. A lot of times you have not gotten much run support. What did you think of the run support you got tonight?

RANDY JOHNSON: I was just in the training room and I saw our -- what all of hitters did, the breakdown of all of the hitters, and I didn't even realize that everybody had at least one base hit and Danny had -- I think he was 3 for 4 with five RBIs. You know, it is every pitcher's dream but you realize when you are in a World Series, you are -- in a way, all of post-season has dictated that runs are going to be at a premium, or at a minimum, I should say, because of the pitchers that you are facing. I mean you are facing the best team, obviously, in all of post-season and you are facing the best pitching in post-season. That's usually why the team is in post-season. You know, the team broke out today. The third inning for me was probably the biggest inning, I think bases were loaded if I am not mistaken. I got -- I think it was Brosius or Posada to strike out. That was the biggest thing for me. Obviously, we got a little deeper in the game and Joe Torre started taking players out and some of the replacement players were a little more aggressive than the original players that were in the lineup; and therefore, I made some pitches that I wish I probably would not have made, the results were a lot of base hits in the inning for the runs.

Q. Tomorrow night, is it at all possible, should we expect to see you, if needed, to face one batter, even, or is that out of the question?

RANDY JOHNSON: Well, nothing is out of the question. You know, I only threw 103 pitches and this is the World Series and it would be Game 7. I have four months to rest, and this has been everybody's dream in the clubhouse, all of the players for the Diamondbacks and it's obviously been mine. If I can help in any way, I'll be available.

Q. How gratifying is it to be able to perform in a game of this magnitude the way it did?

RANDY JOHNSON: Well, obviously, it's maybe easier when the offense did what they did tonight. You know, this game was made it easy for me after about the third or fourth inning, simply because we had about 12 runs at that point. I suppose it is difficult for a pitcher to go out there and stay focused when you have that many runs, but it's not that difficult to stay focused when you are in a World Series and you are playing the New York Yankees. I was frustrated that I gave up the two runs. I was disappointed that I gave up the two runs, because had it been a closer game, I'm sure I probably would have been a little more focused. You know, it's every pitcher's dream to go out there in a World Series and obviously have enough runs to where you can actually enjoy your outing out there and I felt like I was enjoying every moment of it, more so than probably Game 2.

Q. Would you have been disappointed or upset if he took you out of the game, up 11-0 after three innings to save you for relief?

RANDY JOHNSON: After what?

Q. After like three innings, 11-run lead?

RANDY JOHNSON: (Laughter.) We are going to be fine tomorrow. This is the best of one now. I'm not as bold as saying some of the things Curt said. I have a great deal -- and I know Curt has a great deal -- of respect for the Yankees. I have a great deal of respect. They are the defending champs. I like our chances now. I think it was -- we played well in New York. Unfortunately, that's baseball. It's nobody's fault. You throw a pitch and someone hits it. You know, that's what happens. I like our chances being at home, in front of our crowd, but I take nothing away from the New York Yankees because they are the defending champs and they have a very good pitcher throwing for them tomorrow.

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